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Elf Kisses

Author(s): Cooper McKenzie

Celyn Berry needs a miracle for Christmas. While helping her nieces write letters to Santa, she adds one of her own. She asks that her brother, a deployed Marine, come home in time for his third child’s birth, and that her nieces get at least one thing from their Christmas lists though they cannot afford toys this year. When Enrico Leonardo Francisco, or Elf to his friends, reads her letter he is touched at Celyn’s loving spirit. Her letter makes him feel things he has not felt in centuries and he decides he must meet her.

Will Celyn return Elf’s feelings? Will he decide her case is worthy of Saint Nick’s attentions? Will her brother make it home by Christmas?

          Thanksgiving Day.
          Dear Santa,
          All I want for Christmas this year is for my brother to come home from deployment in time for his third child’s birth. I would also like my nieces, Hope and Joy, to find at least one toy from their lists under the tree. We have no extra money for toys this year since Lilly has been ordered to stay in bed for the last two months of her pregnancy. My waitress job at the Rain Deer Lounge brings in only enough to supplement Cedar’s military paycheck for the bare necessities.
          Though I would not refuse a hot, sexy, good-hearted man if one should come into my life, I’d be just as happy with a reason not to volunteer to work on New Year’s Eve.
          Thank you in advance,
          Celyn Berry 

 Enrico Leonardo Francisco or Elf to his fellow Christmas elves, read the letter from an obviously loving aunt a second time. Her words touched his heart, making him want to do whatever he could to help her. Her nieces’ letters were not in the envelope, having been sent downstairs already to processing.
As the North Pole’s chief investigator of adult believers, he was responsible for deciding whether Santa would answer a request from a grownup or ignore it. Normally the decision was easy. Most adult letters to Santa came from individuals so beaten down by the result of their life choices they did not know where else to turn. These people needed hope and to them Santa Clause was the ultimate symbol of hope.
He had been working for Santa for so long that about a hundred years earlier the big man had given him leave to choose one or two letters to investigate and if proven true, he could fulfill their wishes. Elf had never understood whether it because Santa was training him to take over the delivery or the big man wanted him to understand that making wishes and dreams come true was not always as easy as it appeared.
The fact that he looked like a black-haired, slimmer built, younger appearing version of Father Christmas seemed to work in his favor, though in talking with his fellow elves he had learned no one else wanted the job. Except for Elf, everyone else living at the North Pole seemed to love their jobs. It was not that Elf hated his job, he just wanted to be able to do more for the grownups who still believed in the magic of Christmas.
As he read Celyn’s letter for a third time, his cock filled and a feeling unlike anything he had ever felt before filled his heart. He had to meet this woman. Something in her letter spoke to him. He wanted to help her no matter what it took.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4543-0245-2
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 12/24/2012
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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