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Author(s): Laney Cairo

Will is not exactly your average citizen of Los Angeles. He bikes to work. He keeps chickens. And he's got his own mixed up version of a family, surrounding himself with people he cares about.

So it's no surprise that when Will finds homeless and lonely Fand, he takes the man under his wing. They embark on a journey that has a life-changing effect on both of them, finding acceptance, love, and so much more.


Will didn’t believe in seduction, in trying to persuade people to sleep with him. He liked the decision to be mutual, and spontaneous, so when Devon stretched an arm along the back of the couch and stroked callused fingers over Will’s beard gently, he smiled back at Devon.

When Will’d finished playing, Devon lifted Cheshire off his lap and stood up. He took the guitar out of Will’s arms and propped it beside the couch.

Then Devon leaned forward and kissed Will, slow and sweet, tasting of vegetable broth and the cold night air. Devon had strong hands, peasant’s hands Devon called them, built for digging the soil, and one settled on Will’s neck and the other one slid down his belly to find the button on
the fly of his jeans.

Will spread his legs wider, and Devon knelt between them on the porch. Will draped the blanket Devon had been wrapped in over Devon’s shoulders to keep him warm.

Devon eased the zip of Will’s jeans undone over the ridge of his cock carefully and pulled his cock out.

“Oh my,” Devon said, then his tongue was stroking over the lines of Will’s tattoo, chasing the curves around the shaft. He took the head into his mouth, sucking slowly, making Will breathe hard. Will reached down and gently lifted Devon’s dreadlocks out of the way to see his face, and said, “It’s been a while, babe. I’m just gonna come.”

Devon lifted his mouth and looked up at Will, eyes twinkling, and said, “This is just the warm-up. You can come more than once, can’t you?”

“Oh yeah,” Will said with conviction, then Devon slid his mouth back down Will’s cock, and discussion of coming became irrelevant. Will groaned deeply, leaned his head back against the back of the couch and closed his eyes and began to thrust into Devon’s mouth.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-934166-49-9
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 08/29/2007
Publisher: Torquere Press

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