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Fine as Frog Hair

Author(s): Sean Michael

Fine As Frog Hair follows Russ as he sets out to see America and finds something even better in Trey, a true cowboy and all around good folks. Russ and Trey have a wonderful guy next-door quality, taking their romance one step at a time, but when sparks fly it heats up fast, and we’re swept right along with them. These two have it all, from laughter to heartache to the hottest sex West of the Mississippi, all the while proving that while life isn’t perfect, it’s just fine by them. Fine as frog hair.


Russ and Trey drove into San Antonio for the Holiday Rodeo the week before Christmas. Trey was riding in the barrel races, so they arrived fairly early, which was just fine by Russ. He'd never been to a rodeo and this gave him a chance to look around, check things out. The smells hit him first. Critters and leather, grease and spices, smoke and straw. It was all there, all mixed together in a smell that should have made his nose wrinkle, but didn't. Even the perfume of hairspray and cheap eau de toilette mixed with Old Spice and Stetson wasn't bothering him. This was too cool and he wanted to see it all.

The first booth he came to was selling tack and the one beside it saddles and he found himself entranced by the leatherwork, imagining the various saddles on his Chocolate. He couldn't wait to ride her, although the whole ''breaking'' process intimidated the heck out of him and, frankly, scared him a little. He didn't like the sound of the word. His Chocolate did not need to be broken, thank you very much. Still. Riding her would be a joy.

He stopped to get himself a beer and something called a helotes, which turned out to be corn on the cob, cooked in its husk and then served with butter and something red and spicy. Man, it was good, even if it did burn the roof of his mouth off. Still, he licked his fingers clean once he was done eating, making sure to get all the flavor.

''Hey! Kid! You enjoying the local flavors?'' Marty sauntered up, beer in one hand, smoke in the other, looking all the world like someone playing dress up, in his multi-patterned shirt and starched jeans. ''Try the funnel cake. It's good.''

Russ nodded and grinned. ''I'm going to try one of everything. I just had a hello-taz, pretty good.''

''Mmm... helotes. Yum. Trey's mamma? She can sure make them up nice. Used to have them all the damned time. Is he riding today, do you know?''

''Yeah he is -- barrel racing. He's not riding a barrel though -- he'll be on Pud.'' He'd told that joke to Trey just this morning and gotten some sweet laughter for his troubles.

Marty chuckled, rolling his eyes a little. ''Yeah? Hopefully he'll come out of this time without hurting anything. Hell, maybe this time he'll win.''

''Hurting anything?'' Russ chewed on his bottom lip. ''He didn't say it was dangerous. People don't die doing this, do they?'' He didn't mean to be a worry-wart, but it hit awful close to home, what with Ginnie's funeral and all.

''Hell, no. Worse that can happen is he'll take a fall and break a wrist or an ankle. Nothing serious.'' Marty winked, dark eyes teasing. ''Those barrels don't bite back.''

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9780974820296
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 09/01/2004
Publisher: Torquere Press

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