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Genie in the Family

Author(s): Lorne Rodman

Warren thinks his old aunt is a little crazy when she leaves him a rusty old lamp. Especially when the lamp is supposedly the answer to his loneliness.

Then he meets Selim, and finds out the lamp is more than he thought it was. Selim can give him whatever he wants, except what he wants is more time with the fascinating genie of the lamp himself. Can Warren wish himself the love of his life?


Then, slowly, a thin stream of greenish red smoke began to trickle out of the spout of the lamp. It smelled like fresh herbs and spices, kind of like that Moroccan restaurant he and Bobby had gone to once. Then there was a deep bass rumble that sort of shook the bed beneath him, and a flash of blinding light that had him blinking.

When everything cleared the lamp lay on the floor where he'd dropped it. Again. And someone else was sitting on his little dorm bed. A man, cross-legged and cross-armed, with smooth, brown skin and long, long, black hair, his eyes done up with black stuff around them. He had a sharp nose and the highest cheekbones ever, and the slightest smile on his face.

"Thank you for waiting," the guy said. "I am Selim the Serene, genie of the lamp. What would you like as your first wish?"


There was a gorgeous, exotic looking dude on his bed there to grant him three wishes. Maybe there was something in the lamp that made people hallucinate...

He reached out to touch, to see if this Selim guy was real or not.

The guy drew back, a frown replacing the smile. "I am the genie of the lamp. Do you have a wish?"

Oh, his imagination was good. Wouldn't let him touch the guy and confirm that it was all just an illusion.

Warren nodded. "I get three though, right?"

He might as well play along -- it wasn't like he had anything else planned, and this guy was very good-looking. If nothing else he had some new jack-off fodder.

"Yes, yes. Three separate wishes. I would suggest wording them as plainly as possible and making them specific. I am not by nature a sneaky genie, but well... it's part of the contract to occasionally shake people up if they don't really know what they want."

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-934166-20-8
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 08/29/2007
Publisher: Torquere Press

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