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Have Mercy

Author(s): Mackenzie S. Cameron

Can an over worked, under paid Paramedic and a cranky yet adorable doctor find the road to healing?

As Thomas and Sabine learn all is not as bad as it seems, they are also deeply troubled as well as scared with what life has thrown at them.

Feelings erupt and the attraction between the two is more than they can handle.

Will they end up healing each other or will the cost of it be to high?



Sabine hurried down the hall, through the automatic door, and outside just as the ambulance skidded to a stop. She flung open the back doors and bailed inside, assessing the situation quickly.

A Code Forty-four meant only one thing. Someone had a heart attack and full CPR was in process. It was never pretty. It was never fun. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. Depending on the cause, it could become one of the quickest ways to have a patient die on you.

Bradley spotted her and pointed to the gurney. "Seventeen-year-old male, shot in the thigh. We got the bleeding under control, then he went south fast."

Sabine crawled on the stretcher and straddled the young man's hips just as he went into v-fib again. It was a heart rhythm where the bottom of the heart just quivered, not able to beat. It could turn deadly very fast. "What's his name?"


She drew back and hit him in the center of the chest with everything she had, performing a maneuver called a pericardial thump. "ANDREW! LOOK AT ME!" she yelled inches from his face as she started chest compressions. "You are not gonna die one me! " She pressed over and over on the sternum in the center of his chest. "Not on my watch. Now BREATHE!"

The young man gasped, drawing in breath on his own.

Bradley pushed epinephrine and atropine -- drugs to stabilize his dangerous rhythm -- into the IV in the young man's arm just before jumping out off the back of the ambulance. He brought out the stretcher, Sabine still on the back pumping the young man's chest with everything she had. He wheeled them into the waiting Trauma Room, silently hoping for the best.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-197-2
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 08/28/2008
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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