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I Swear

Book Title: No Law Against Love

Author(s): Michelle Scaplen

What happens when you're trapped inside your house with your ex-boyfriend and the whole state is watching to see which one of you swear first? Sparks fly, tension runs high, and you find out you've never stopped loving each other.


April signed off and closed her computer. She was in the middle of her next article writing about what it was like being locked in a house with a man who pushes all your buttons. But she couldn't concentrate anymore when she starting think about some of the good buttons he would push on her, too.

Like while they were dating, and she had a bad day, and she wasn't in the mood for being foolish, Ethan would take her to play miniature golf and had her relaxed and smiling by the second hole. And after being stuck in a relationship with a workaholic New York Times journalist who managed to find time for two other girlfriends on the side, it felt good to have a man who made her happiness his number one priority.

Then there were the times when she was on the phone with her mother, listening to all her put downs, he would give her a back massage, then rain gentle and enticing kisses on her neck. It frustrated the heck out of her, but God it felt good. And thats why it hurt her so badly when in the end she learned she couldn't trust him either.

You hungry? she asked, hoping food would help her brain focus. I can make us a salad.

Ethan walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. You made breakfast, I'll make lunch. He took out some ingredients, chopped up some vegetables, and threw them in a pan. Soon a delicious scent filled the room.

She stood next to him as he cooked. I forgot you were such a great cook, what are you making? Standing close, she realized he smelled delicious, too, and it had nothing to do with the mushrooms and onions he had sizzling in a pan.

Omelets, he replied, nothing against your cooking, of course, but the oatmeal you made for me this morning didn't quite do the trick. Now get out of my kitchen and let me cook.

April obeyed, although she was tempted to argue with him. She wondered if he was looking to start an argument with her, knowing it would lead her to either swear at him-- or kiss him. Besides, she was standing too close, and her mind trailed back to when he used to make breakfast for her and served it in bed.

Ethan placed the plates and a pitcher of orange juice on the table, and sat down across from her. How's your article coming along?

She swallowed her mouthful of eggs, and frowned. Not so good, she admitted. Im trying to write about our captivity, but my mind keeps going off the subject.

You know, you could solve your problems by just saying one little four letter word and this whole thing would be over.

Or you could.

Yeah, but then I might lose my chance at winning you back. He smiled at her ,but she didn't know if it was because he was joking, or serious. She didn't know which one she wanted it to be. If only she could trust him.

Since she couldn't think of a clever or witty reply, she rolled her eyes and kept eating. Afterwards she cleaned up the dishes and went back to work. Still the right words wouldnt come to her. She kept thinking about what he said about winning her back, and she wondered if maybe she should let him...that's when she felt something soft strike the back of her head.

April picked up the balled-up piece of paper off the table and threw it away. Stop it, she said. So he threw another one at her. Stop it, Ethan, I'm trying to work. He threw another. Ethan you are such a pain in the...oh I get it now...sorry buster not happening. You're such a pain in my tushy.

And what a fine little tushy it is, Ethan smiled and threw another one at her. Frustrated because she was enjoying his game, April began to throw them back. She moved into the living room towards the couch he lounged on and fired at close range. Before she knew what had happened, he grabbed her and had her on top of him, and his bright blue eyes were filled with mischiefand something more sincere.

Slowly he leaned his head forward, moving in for a kiss. Her body shivered and she instantly felt his reaction to her position, and she shivered again. She began to melt the moment his lips touched hers. Itd been two years since shed felt his warm lips...his sweet tongue, his gentle hands framing her face. And it felt like theyd never separated. So perfect, so right. So many cameras watching them!

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Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 02/01/2006

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