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Life, Liberty and Pursuit of a Honeybun

Author(s): Sam Cheever

He’s a burned spy. She’s a struggling artist. Together they must stop a deadly terrorist.
Alfric Honeybun thought the lady with the lovely mocha latte skin and startling blue eyes was working with the terrorists. But when those same terrorists tried to kill both of them, Alfric found himself spending a LOT of time with the pretty artist. He'd had no intention of falling in love. But his body wasn't taking direction from his brain. And things were heating up pretty fast.


Pleasance hadn’t spoken in several minutes. She wasn’t exactly sure what to say. Under the circumstances pleasantries seemed inappropriate. Discussions on the weather surreal. But she just didn’t seem to have it in her to discuss the situation she currently found herself in.

How did you ask someone why they wanted to kill you?

After a few more moments of strained silence Pleasance couldn’t take it anymore. Straight out was best, she told herself. She turned in the seat and opened her mouth.

The rear window of the car splintered under a horrendous cracking sound.

Pleasance ducked and the man swore, the big car swerving wildly as a barrage of additional pings announced the peppering of its roof and hood with bullets.

The front windshield splintered and Pleasance panicked. She didn’t know how he could see to drive. They started to swerve so wildly that Pleasance thought he’d been hit and had passed out or died. But when she glanced at him she saw his face was transformed by a fierce concentration and he was deliberately weaving the big car on the road, she was guessing he was trying to make them a more difficult target. 

Pleasance braced herself on the dashboard but it didn’t save her from smacking hard against the side window. She cried out, reaching for her head. The next swerve put her nearly in her captor’s lap.

He spared her a brief glance. “Seat belt!”

Pleasance pushed herself back in her seat and fumbled with the belt until it clicked. Then she sat back and prayed.
The bullets had remained a nearly constant barrage, no matter what he’d done to avoid them. Pleasance didn’t know how it was possible. “Where the hell are they?” She screamed over the constant ping and drone of the attack.

He glanced toward the roof of the car. “Helicopter.”

“What!” she shrieked. Pleasance twisted so she could look toward the sky. She couldn’t see anything, but she did notice the flare of lights on the road ahead. The lights swerved as the helicopter swung around to get in front of them.
Something that looked like a large, dark bug was suddenly hovering in front of them. It hung there and waited as they headed directly for it, going what felt like a hundred miles an hour.

“We’re gonna hit it!” She screamed.

He didn’t seem to be listening. He pressed the gas pedal and they shot forward, moving at an impossible speed directly toward the hovering craft.

Something flared on the side of the copter and he swore.

“Hold on!” he yelled.

“What?! What are you gonna do?!”

He ignored her, his handsome face like stone. Pleasance saw a puff of smoke and heard a whistling sound and then they were off the road, bouncing painfully across a grassy field, toward a line of trees in the distance.

Behind them something exploded and overhead the bullets started again. “Holy Shit!” Pleasance yelled, “What was that?”

“Missile,” he answered, as if missiles were fired on cars every day.

“Oh, yeah,” she said in a snarky tone that he didn’t even seem to notice, “that was just a missile.” She slumped down in her seat and hoped her panties were still dry. What the hell had she gotten herself into?

The copter’s twin beams of light painted the ground around them, illuminating the occasional tall bunch of tough looking weeds and, here and there, rocks big enough to throw the fast moving car onto its side if they hit them.

Pleasance’s hands were sweating so much they slipped off the dash and the door where she’d been bracing herself.
The big car plunged over the rough terrain at an impossible speed until they reached the tree line. As soon as they breached the trees, he slammed his foot down hard on the brake pedal and they skidded to a stop between two giant trees. “Get out!” he screamed.

The car was still rocking as he jumped out. Pleasance’s violently shaking fingers fumbled with the seat belt. The passenger side door slammed open and she cried out, and flung a hand in front of her face.

Seeing her intense fear reaction, he visibly reigned himself in. His face softened as he reached over her. “Let me get that. We need to hurry.”

Pleasance swiped at the tears on her face. “You think?”

He threw the belt away from her and grabbed her hand, dragging her from the car. They ran as fast as they could into the trees, the sound of the copter hovering just outside the trees spurring them on. 

Behind them, something exploded and he threw her to the ground, covering her with his body as they hit. Overhead, large chunks of debris shot past and crashed against trees. Something large landed on the ground beside Pleasance’s head, throwing dirt into the air in a giant cloud that choked and blinded her.

He grunted but stayed on top of her.

When the debris seemed to die down he climbed to his feet and grabbed her hand. When they took off again he was limping.

Pleasance jerked her hand from his. “What’s wrong?”

He grabbed it back. “Nothing, let’s keep moving.”

Pleasance dug her feet in and snatched her hand back. “Why are you limping?”

He sighed and turned his leg. Pleasance gasped, her hand flying to cover her mouth. “Oh my god!” A large sliver of wood, as big around as her pinkie finger and probably four inches long had been driven into the back of his thigh. “We need to get that out.”

He reached down and yanked hard, grimacing as the bloody piece of wood slid free. He grabbed her elbow. “Let’s go. They’ll be coming after us.”

“Who the hell are these people?”

He grabbed her hand. “Not the right time or place for that discussion. Come on.”

There was nothing else she could do. She went with him. They followed the tree line for a couple of hours until they spotted a farm house in the distance. “We’ll spend the night here.”

Pleasance looked relieved. “Thank you, God. A soft bed and a hot shower.”

He shook his head. “Not where we’re going.” He nodded toward a huge, slightly worn structure in the distance.

Pleasance’s face folded in horror. “The barn!”

He started walking toward the dilapidated structure. “It’s too dangerous to get the people in that farm house involved. Right now, we’re on our own. We’ll spend the night in the barn. In the morning I’ll call somebody for help.”

Pleasance sighed. “I guess we don’t want to involve those poor people in our problems.”

“Exactly.” He said, looking at her kind of funny, she thought. “Have you ever slept in a hay loft?”

Pleasance grimaced, trudging wearily toward the barn. “I’m totally a city girl. You have no idea how much bugs and dirt terrify me.”

He laughed. “How about cows?”

Pleasance turned such a horrified face to him he laughed outright, his handsome face momentarily kicking off the shadow of pain as true amusement replaced it. “Not so much, I see. Well, it could be a long night for you.”

“Shit!” Pleasance murmured, earning her another chuckle.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781301946488.00
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Date Published: 10/05/2013
Publisher: Sam Cheever

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