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Love Storm

Author(s): Beryl Trebble

Wealthy entrepreneur Raoul Metier's fiery Portuguese girlfriend wants
nothing to do with his little daughter.For four years her mother has
been in a coma in Switzerland and she has been in the care of an
elderly family retainer.Metier feels he needs a younger woman to look
after her, to make a home of his country house and also run the
household, and act as caterer and hostess for the many weekend
functions he has for business acquaintances and friends.
Kris Kastell, a beautiful widow of a manipulative racing driver is
persuaded by her friend to apply for the position.Metier's
charismatic nephew convinces her to take the job despite her deep
misgivings about her future employer's sarcastic attitude.
Soon she becomes a popular, efficient hostess at the country home and
invitations are rarely turned down, most importantly, she bonds closely
with her young charge.Unfortunately, her relationship with Metier is
abrasive and sparks with electricity and there is animosity between her
and the brittle Isabella.It is often only her friendship with
Metier's nephew and her growing fondness for the child that keeps her
from resigning.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 1920741356
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 01/26/2011
Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing

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