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Loving Her Volume 1

Author(s): Megan Rose

Loving Her Volume 1 by Megan Rose
Contains the short stories, Little Leather Book and Shhh
lesbian erotica with romantic elements
Cover art by Pink Petal Books

In Little Leather Book, a young woman with a passion for old books finds a particularly intriguing volume. The blank pages promise unknown adventure, and when she discovers a very interesting room with a scandalous history, her passion turns to lust, and she can't wait to turn to the next page.

In Shhh, two women meet in a chat room and agree to a liaison with just one rule - neither one can say a word.


Rachel shook her russet curls and smiled, her charm and good breeding positively dripping from every pore. “Much as I’d enjoy spending the time here, I’m afraid there are several difficulties needing my attention this morning. And you know what they say. No rest for the wicked.” She winked playfully. Nevertheless, she entered the library and placed her clipboard down next to another pile of books. “I just wanted to make sure you’re settling in okay. What with Lord and Lady Cottingford being away, I do realise you’ve been thrown in at the deep end. But I also want you to know that you’re doing a terrific job.”

Claire couldn’t help but smile back. Since the moment she'd first met Rachel Smithfield, Lady Cottingford’s personal assistant, Claire had liked her. In fact, it had been Rachel who'd interviewed her for this particular job, rather than the Lady of the house. She had been surprised, but had merely assumed that such an important person as Lady Cottingford saw no reason to involve herself with lowly members of staff, such as herself.

Though it had been Claire’s first job interview and she'd been nervous as hell, Rachel had somehow succeeded in putting her at ease. In her early thirties, Rachel had been professional and to the point. Yet something in her manner had relaxed Claire and let her speak more easily than she had ever thought she would have with a stranger.

“Your words are appreciated Rachel, but I’m quite happy to be ‘thrown in at the deep end,’ as you say. This is my dream job. Being surrounded by these beautiful books all day and cataloguing them… well, it’s a pleasure I never dreamed would be possible. Books have always been a passion of mine”

Claire noted how Rachel’s brown eyes darkened, yet she continued to smile. “Indeed? And are you happy out of your work as well as in it?”

“Well, it has only been four weeks. I do realise how lucky I was to get this job before my graduation, but rushing from university to here, has meant I’ve had very little time to socialize. Aside from eating and sleeping, there isn’t much of a life for me outside of this library.”

“That’s no life for a girl like you. You should get out more. Meet people. You may be here for quite some time.” Picking up her clipboard, Rachel walked back toward the door, but turned swiftly, as though a thought had suddenly occurred to her. “Do you have anything planned for this evening? I could give you a formal tour of the castle if you like.”

“Don’t you have plans yourself? It is Friday evening, after all,” Claire said.

“I’m as free as a bird. Besides, it would be a pleasure to show the castle to you. I’ve been a poor hostess in my employer’s absence. And I insist on making it up to you this evening.”

Claire smiled. “Then I accept. Thank you.”

“Excellent. I’ll drop by the gatehouse at about seven thirty.”

As Rachel’s feet beat a swift retreat down the hall, Claire couldn’t help but shiver with anticipation. So far, her encounters with the attractive assistant had been work related. However, tonight, she hoped their working relationship would be placed on a more personal level. Even in this short period of time, she had noticed the lingering looks Rachel sometimes bestowed upon her, as well as the times that their fingers had met for just a little too long, in their polite handshakes.

Frowning, she returned to her slowly cooling drink. She found it hard to believe that a woman like Rachel be interested in someone like herself. She shook her head. Swallowing the last of the coffee, she returned to her ladder and the books which would keep her busy long into the afternoon and early evening.

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