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Maggie at Christmas

Author(s): Diane Davis White

All she wants for Christmas are four orphaned children.What Maggie doesn't count on is the handsome hunk on her front step, waiting to steal her heart.Will Maggie get everything she wishes for?And more?


He smiled slow and sexy, eyes going smoky. "But not all people are fascinating. I never study women. It's dangerous. You're dangerous."

"Me?'Maggie made a derisive sound. "I'm about as dangerous as a...a..." She waved her hands, unable to find a suitable description of what she wasn't. "Well, anyhow, I'm not a fem fatale, or anything like that. The only danger with me is if I fell on somebody, I'd crush them."

"Stop it!" Ethan rose to his knees and leaned over her, his eyes blazing anger. "If you say one more damned stupid thing like that about yourself...I'll turn you over my knee."

He pulled her gently to a kneeling position, then looked at her for a long moment. Lowering his head, putting his mouth close to hers, Ethan murmured her name.

Maggie stiffened and pulled back, but as though he'd anticipated her reaction, he put his hand behind her head, holding her in place while he plundered her mouth.

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ISBN (Print): 0-9787139-1-5
ISBN (Electronic):
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 12/01/2006

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