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Mexican Salsa

Internation Love: Book 2

Author(s): K.T. Bishop

Dusty Parker traveled to Mexico to audition for a movie role. He had no clue about the country and didn't speak Spanish. In Mexico City, Dusty stumbled into Maria Estefani, whose family was one of Mexico's richest.

She needed direction in her life and offered to work as Dusty's acting partner and Spanish teacher. The closer they got, Dusty and Maria fell for each other. Will she be a distraction to him landing the role?


She was about to walk away until a masculine hand pulled her back.

Maria's head turned around and she spoke hastily to the handsome stranger. “What do you want?”

“I see you need a job,” Dusty said. His agenda was to spend time with a beautiful woman and get to know her.

Alarms in Maria's head sounded off at his proposal. She instantly suspected a gold digger or a drug runner. “If you see this as a chance to get me for my money, back off.  I don't want no part of bringing drugs. ”

He choked back nervousness and flattered at her intelligence. “Y-you're beautiful and smart too.”

“I've heard those lines before,” Maria barked out. “What kind of job you're offering.”

“I'm Dusty Parker, an actor who came over here to audition for this movie,” Dusty said.

Maria removed her force field to hear Dusty out . “What are you looking from me?”

On hormones alone, Dusty conjured up a list. “I'll need a partner to read lines with me,  show me around the city and educate me on the Mexican heritage.”

“That's not a job offer I expected,” Maria pointed out.

“If you're really good, I may be able to get you a movie role,” Dusty said confidently.

She appeared to be fascinated with his cockiness. “If you act as good as you talk, I might be working with a star.”

“Just a star that hadn't been seen,” Dusty said.  He was anxious for the whole world to see his talent.

Maria agreed. “I accept your offer.”

“That's great, but I pay after the audition,” Dusty admitted. He wasn't established enough to pay her bi-weekly.

“Money doesn't matter, my family's rich,” Maria said. She still clung to her family's fortune.

His thoughts shifted to food. “Your first order of business is to find me a good restaurant. I'm starving.”

“I can get you a room too,” Maria revealed. “My best friend's family owns a condo right by this restaurant where we'll
have dinner.”

“Works for me,” Dusty said. The woman he was smitten with would work for him.  He followed her outside the hotel to start their business relationship.

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Date Published: 11/07/2013
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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