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My Son's Roommate

Author(s): Veronica Tower

Shanna's an attractive, forty-something, divorced woman trying to reclaim her life now that her children are both off in college. She's finding it difficult to start dating again and wonders if romance is something she'll only read about now, or experience in movies. Then her son unexpectedly brings his college roommate home with him over Thanksgiving Vacation and Shanna's whole world turns upside down.

Dave is young, handsome, athletic, and against all of Shanna's expectations, very attracted to his new friend's mother. It's the stuff of Shanna's most secret fantasies and before she knows what's happening, she finds herself drawn into an exciting game of flirtation and seduction with a man half her age—all the while trying to hide her new infatuation from her son and daughter. Can Shanna successfully juggle her own growing needs with the expectations of her children? Is it really so wrong to try and discover herself again with the help of her son's roommate?



Everyone was in the living room when Shanna got down stairs. Stevie's red dress was stunning and both Bobby and Edward looked very good in their collared white shirts and ties. Loren wore a pale tube dress which molded itself around her tiny body showing her legs and small breasts to great advantage. But it was Dave that Shanna really wanted to see and what she found took her breath away.

He was dressed all in black save for a snow white tie which was perfectly knotted around his neck. The dark clothing positively emphasized his short blond hair and clear blue eyes.

Those eyes were locked on Shanna as she entered the room, drinking in the sight of her, lingering on her face, her breasts, her bare arms and her lean legs.

"Mom, you look fantastic!" Stevie told her.

"Wow," Edward added. "If you are what Stevie is maturing into, then wow!"

Loren stepped forward. "You look incredible, Shanna." She leaned in to brush her lips against Shanna's cheek. "And your young stud can't take his eyes off you."

A shiver worked its way up and down Shanna's spine. That was exactly what she wanted out of Dave and precisely what she feared anyone else would notice.

"You look great, Mom," Bobby added.

Dave alone remained silent and Shanna could see in his face he was afraid to speak.

She took the need to complement her away from him. "Thanks for the vote of confidence everyone," she said, "but I think it's time I checked on our dinner. Loren would you mind giving me a hand?"

"I'm off tonight," Loren reminded her. "And don't go asking Stevie to help either. She's got a new man to entertain."

Loren looked at Dave and Bobby as if trying to determine which young man she should ask.

Dave took the decision from her. "I'll help you out, Mrs. Elder. It's the least I can do to thank you for having me this weekend."

"Why thank you, Dave," Shanna said, exchanging a glance with Loren. "I would love to have your help."

Bobby spoke up. "I guess I could help too. Does anyone want a beer? Edward? Stevie? Loren?"

Shanna's eyebrow arched up but Loren was actually chuckling with amusement. "Why thank you, Mr. Elder," she said.

"I'll have a beer," Edward said.

"Is it those Heinekens?" Stevie asked.

"Mom bought you Molsens," Bobby told her.

"Well, in that case…"

Bobby straightened out the drink orders and got them from the kitchen. Dave and Shanna lingered with the others until he began distributing them. Shanna was in such a good mood that she didn't ever mention the fact that Bobby brought a beer for himself.

In the kitchen, Dave voiced the complement he had swallowed in the living room. "You really do look fabulous, Mrs.…" His voice trailed off uncertainly.

God, but this is awkward, Shanna thought. She couldn't tell Dave to call her Shanna after making a fuss over Bobby using Loren's first name.

She decided to simply ignore the awkwardness. "You look fabulous too," she told him.

It was no exaggeration. Dave was a stunningly good-looking man. She longed to run her fingers over his chest and slip her arms around his waist so she could snuggle up against him.

Dave moved closer to her. His mouth was half open, his eyes were locked on hers. Her hand began to lift to touch him.

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Date Published: 10/15/2009
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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