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Naked Truth

Sweet Temptations

Author(s): Ann Starr

Rafael preferred solitude. Women were deceitful and not for him, until his father kidnapped a woman, his nemesis fiancée, Eva. He found her bound on his bed and all his good intentions of returning her vanished. He wanted her. He had to have her. Once he looked into her eyes, he knew she was his destiny.

For five days and five nights, Eva experienced passion like she’d never before in the arms of Rafael. He shared every inch of his body with her but not his soul. From the start, she knew they’d kidnapped the wrong woman, and that there would be an expiry date on their relationship. If wild wanton sex could be called a relationship, but despite that there was a deep connection. Until she learned and faced the truth.

Warning: Anal sex.


Mr. Tall, Dark and Delicious’ hair reached his shoulders as if he didn’t have time to get it cut or it could be a defiant gesture on his part, but it looked silky smooth and thick.

She could almost breathe in relief. They didn’t look dangerous at all. This was much better than what she’d anticipated a while ago. They almost looked reasonable too, except for their bandanas covering their mouths and their Zorro masks hiding the rest of their faces.

Were they auditioning as banditos for a role in a Western film fest? Oh yes, she’d nearly forgotten. She was supposed to be scared to death. Eva should be or at least be a bit cautious. Somehow fear had left the moment they’d entered the room, and she had time to assess everything, up to a point, of course. She was far more intrigued by these two men, especially the younger one.

There was just something about him that had piqued her interest, perhaps it was the fact his face was hidden that fueled her awareness… How bizarre.

She hated to admit he was the stuff midnight fantasies were based on. His whole presence spoke to her, made her want him. She’d always been a good girl, but he had awakened something wanton inside her.

Reining in her imagination proved to be more troublesome. Silently, Eva willed the younger man to take that ridiculous bandana and mask from his face. At least she’d be able to breathe more easily once she’d seen it, knowing for sure he wouldn’t harm her.

She kept silent, although he slipped her looks that lingered longer each time, doing nothing to ease her runaway imagination.

No need to make them nervous by acting out or drawing unnecessary attention to her fighting herself. Judging by their clothes, they were obviously not at the bottom of the food chain. And from a quick glance, those boots must have cost them a pretty penny too, not to mention those Stetsons.

Her gaze turned back and settled on the younger man. Dear lord. He had a body to die for, she thought as she took in every inch of his physique.

Holy crap.

So similar to the legend of Zorro, he was surrounded by an aura of sensuality and unbridled power, mystique, arrogance and danger. Her heart fluttered. He was probably a hedonist in the worst degree. Of course, he would be. All Latino people had a natural sensual way about them. They made great lovers, she was told.

Her gaze dropped to his crotch. Oh my…

Certainly he must know he was a walking invitation to sin with those bad boy vibes, leaving a trail of broken hearts as long as the Rio Grande.

Calm down, calm down…

It wasn’t working.

Their gazes locked.

A connection.

A wicked gleam.

Sexual attraction and starvation.



How would it feel to hear the murmur of his voice as he whispered dirty words to her while he explored her curves as Cortez did this country, and make her his own.

A fantasy that was all it was.

The reality of the situation was she was bound on the bed with two strangers in close proximity somewhere in the middle of Mexico being held against her will in some undisclosed place. And all she could think about was this tall larger-than-life hunk.

Jeesh, how pathetic and desperate was she? Well, the answer stood in front of her. She could barely keep her gaze from him and wondered what else his clothing concealed. A man like him must be good looking, and there she was already trussed up for him. Don’t forget about the ready, willing and able part. In all honesty, she should add desperate too.

She rolled her eyes and gritted her teeth in frustration.

Her sleeping libido had uncoiled from its slumbering state, awakened by sheer need for this man as it curled through all her womanly bits to make sure everything was in pristine working order.

But what the hell, she could dream, and why not. It gave her mind something else to do while awaiting her fate, and besides, he wasn’t a mind reader. She stifled a moan. It was both agonizing and thrilling, not knowing yet longing to see him and imprint his face in her memory.

His body posture and cock of his head displayed his arrogance. She wondered how old he was.

She felt tension emanating from him. He wasn’t happy to be there, and she realized for the first time, she could have it all wrong. And there she was thinking of forever after. What a laugh. The joke was on her.

Still it wasn’t enough to curtail her wayward and indecent thoughts that swirled around this man who made her drool and her body react like a fool. He was probably being forced into this for money. Maybe she could offer him more to take her back to her hotel. Perhaps a detour first, starting on this bed.

His arrogance didn’t speak of poverty with a chip on his shoulder trying to prove he was a man. No. He was someone to be reckoned with. She narrowed her eyes and peeked at him through slits as if it would peel away the layers that lay beneath his tough exterior.

That meant he was there for another reason altogether. The question was what, and how did that impact her situation?

Her captors still spoke in angry whispers. The younger man kept looking at her. A shame she couldn’t eavesdrop. Probably best. Did she really want to know what they planned to do with her? But her basic need came first before it became embarrassing. 

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-92785-926-1
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 01/29/2014
Publisher: Forever More Publishing

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