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Not Another Dateless Valentine's Day

Author(s): Veronica Tower

It was happening again!

February was here and Kathy still didn't have a date for Valentine's Day. What was wrong with these guys? Kathy was sexy and fun, but no one ever noticed that come February. No, it was always some other woman who got the flowers sent to her office, the chocolates delivered to her desk, or that special piece of jewelry presented at the restaurant. And it was definitely always some other woman who got swept off her feet and taken home for a night of incredible, mind-blowing passion.

This year Kathy wanted in on the magic and she was pulling out all of the stops to make it happen. Slinky dresses, spiked shoes, alluring perfume, she'd do whatever it took to get the right man's attention. This year, come February 14th, Kathy wouldn't be the one sitting at home. Whatever it took this would not be another dateless Valentine's Day.



Kathy sprung out of her chair, stormed across the kitchen and yanked open the refrigerator door. She snagged a Sam Adams and popped the cap, then took a long swig directly from the bottle.

Her roommate, Janine, smiled at her.

Its not funny! Kathy insisted. It happens every year.

Its funny, Janine corrected her, precisely because it does happen every year. No matter how much you date in the year before, you always seem to be alone on Valentines Day.

Kathy scooped up another beer and returned to the kitchen table. She slid the bottle over to Janine, then handed her the opener. Its not like you have a date this year either.

Her assertion had no impact on Janines good humor. Quite the opposite, her eyes began to twinkle as she responded. I have never had a date on Valentines Day and frankly I dont see what the big deal is. Its a purely commercial holiday that mostly makes people feel bad about themselves. Did you know that more couples break up on Valentines Day than on any other day of the year?

Id like to be dating someone to risk breaking up with, Kathy said. She slumped down in her chair. I mean, why dont we have dates? Were both pretty. Were both fun.

If anything, Kathy had understated the truth. Even sitting around the apartment in old sweats and t-shirts, Kathy and Janine looked very attractive. While not thin by Cosmos standards, both women were fit and firm.

Janine had straight black shoulder length hair and a very pale white complexion. She had large breasts, decent hips and absolutely smoking legs when she cared to show them properly.

Kathys dark skin was smooth and silky. She had a truly kicking ass, great hips, long, luxuriant hair, and a bosom to match Janines.

They both really were attractive. It made no sense that these two twenty-six year olds would be sitting home without a date on Valentines Day.

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Genre: Romance
Date Published: 02/04/2010
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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