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One Last Ride

Author(s): Kim Leady

This book is also available in CD Format.

How could she do it? To her grandparents, to her family…to herself? Kelly Parker and Nik Roberts have come to Cross Creek Junction for two very different reasons. Kelly is back dealing with the death of her uncle and her family's financially flailing amusement park. Nik is finally following his dream of building a lodge and marina. But when Nik shows up at the amusement park, sparks fly. Not only does Nik want the park's land for his dream, but he wants Kelly, who now haunts his every thought. So, Nik faces his greatest challenge; trying to obtain his dream while convincing Kelly to forget the past and follow her heart. Will Kelly let go of her grandparents' legacy and her painful past in order to follow her heart… and Nik's dream?


She stiffened and he changed his tactics to place warm sensuous kisses on her soft skin. As he continued his masterful skills, she relaxed under his touch. When he felt the watch chain give, he sighed in relief as he managed to free her hand. All she wanted to do was wrap her arms around his muscular body. She was tired of fighting the attraction. When her hand became free, it was as if someone had opened the floodgates to the dam of her feelings. She slowly turned and rolled over under his body, giving in to the tension that had been building all day. His large hands took her oval face and held it gently. "You're so beautiful." He held her eyes while he slowly descended on her slightly parted lips. She was shocked at her own eager response to the touch of his lips. His tongue sent shivers of desire racing through her. Raising his mouth from hers, he gazed into her eyes. He was pleased and excited by the fire he saw in them. With the assurance that she, too, was ready to further the exploration, he moved his mouth over hers, devouring its softness. Her body's hunger was in full control. The aching, throbbing sensation that was now in the region between her thighs had her lifting her hips to meet his shamelessly. From a deep, foggy far off place, they heard a voice. "Nik, I thought that you had polished your moves with the ladies enough that you now used a bed instead of a front seat?" Then they were treated to a warm booming laughter that filled the garage.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 1897261586
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 10/01/2006
Publisher: Champagne Books

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