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Pickup Lines From A Pickup Truck

Author(s): Cara Preston, Spike Freemont

Want eight tempting stories full of laughs?

Eight stories based on pickup lines. Each line as cute or cocky as the story it inspires.

Before the Stain Sets In

Kit's designs inspire many. She's a popular interior decorator. Before she knows it, Greg has designs on her.

Biscuits and Gravy

A Georgian honey who calls herself a hash whore at a diner softens the heart of a chef from Oregon.

Danger, Curves Ahead

Some amazing flirtatious banter comes out between Barbie and Tripp in the produce aisle of a grocery store.

A Walk at the Beach

The beauty of a shore side stroll brings out the romance in even the most pragmatic- such as a librarian and a computer programmer.


Morgan and Sarah's relationship goes as swimmingly as the sensual Coi they see swimming in an aquarium. "You look at lot like my next girlfriend," he'd said to her…

Crime and Pleasure

The phrase, "you've been a bad boy, go to my room," came as a surprise to a retired policeman named Billy from a fellow surfer chick named Josephine, an Italian who was full of surprises.

Do a Body Good

Stephanie heard a come-on line at the ball field that left her speechless. Turns out that Todd's fondness of milk and Oreos, isn't the only passion they share.

Puns and Roses

Clete hides his obvious wealth from Melissa and tries to both charm her and throw her off course by his bumpkin display. Eventually his truer self shines through and they feed each other Marsala flavored custard, leaving her breathless. 




Coi by Cara Preston

"I just realized you look a lot like my next girlfriend."

Morgan Trower couldn't resist using that line on the woman standing next to him at the checkout in Bass Pro Shops. He'd noticed her gazing at the huge aquarium ten minutes earlier. She'd looked mesmerized by the Coi swimming in it, gracefully fanning around between the coral. With her face reflecting in the glass, it had been like looking at two of her.

Finely chiseled face, long blonde hair, blue eyes intently watching the fish and unaware she was a case in study herself.

"Coi, so close to the word coitus," Morgan mumbled under his breath. Biology had been his minor in college. Sarah blushed under Morgan's gaze.

"They say that fish bring prosperity," he remarked.

"Is that right?" Sarah searched through her purse, digging out money to pay for her hiking boots. "More money would be nice."

"Well, after that smile of yours, I feel richer already," Morgan leaned closer. He adjusted his jeans, which were starting to feel tighter around the groin area. Gazing at Sarah from the back, the view was as pleasing as it was from the front.

A Walk At the Beach by Spike Freemont

He seemed to barrel over the boardwalk towards her, his head down yet his eyes locked on to hers. Those intense, hazel eyes that had nothing to hide. Once he reached her, he paused, seemingly unsure what to say. Then he blurted it out with his hand extended. "Would you hold this while I take a walk?"

She was twenty-eight, worked in Manhattan, and had come to Long Island for a weekend getaway with her friends. They had come to Jones Beach to take a walk with coffee. Marie stood near the railing, waiting for Cherie and Sandy to come out when he'd ambushed her.

"Is that a line you read somewhere or did you make it up?"

He backed up subconsciously. He was not confident around women, but something about her had grabbed him, and forced him to action.

"I read it," he admitted.

She smiled at his embarrassment. It was not because she liked to belittle men, but because he was being honest.

"I'll hold it for you." She agreed, both ignorant and unaware of the hidden meaning of her statement.



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Genre: Romance
Date Published: 11/01/2007
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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