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Primal Instinct

Author(s): Cheri Lane

After having been raised in the wild, Ryol returns to civilization to seek the one thing he needs to live among humans, but is quickly shunned and considered a wild beast.  There is only one family who can help him.  Dan and Virginia Wolf offer Ryol a home and the intuitive couple know what the grown man needs. 

Tricked into returning to the Wolf home to be mated with the youngest son, Maddy struggles to make sense of her captivity.  Although she is not bound by chains on her feet or locks on her doors, she is not foolish enough to think that she can ever leave. 
Ryol was asleep in the big bed and as Maddy came closer she realized he was naked.  The hair that grew wild on his body was dark and it looked as smooth as silk as it lay in wait of her touch.  The moon was full outside and it shone through the window casting a perfect shadow on Ryol’s very ample manhood.  Her eyes traveled upward to the dark nipples that sat in perfect alignment on the man’s chest. 

Maddy opened the covers just enough to lie down.  She needed only a small part of the bed.  She watched the naked man as she slid beneath the blanket and he did not move.  He continued to snore softly as she got comfortable in the soft bed.  She reached her arms up and pulled the pillow down to her head and her elbow accidentally tapped Ryol’s right arm.  He was awakened instantly.  He sat up and looked around with a wild look on his face as if he feared imminent danger.  He turned toward her and stared at the woman in his bed.


It seemed as if she had been asleep forever when Maddy opened her eyes.  Her mind was foggy and the little cabin was quiet.  Blinking her eyes a few times, she realized she was alone.  She wrapped the sheet around her and looked down from the loft.  “Ryol?”  Where had he gone? 

“Where is he, Mrs. Wolf?  Where is Ryol?  Maddy sat down on the beautiful sofa and laid her head against the back of it.  “Why do I feel dizzy?” 

Mrs. Wolf finished heating the cabin before responding.  “You were asleep for quite some time.  Mr. Wolf and I thought it best.” 

“You mean I was drugged?” 

The woman did not respond to Maddy’s accusing question.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-6184-5066-1
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 04/05/2012
Publisher: Beau to Beau Books

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