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Pushing Boundaries

Author(s): Cooper McKenzie

Sequel to Behind Closed Doors 

Gray Woolphe continues to help Alaina Rowen's explore her sexual boundaries using a variety of inspired, sex games. Phone sex and a new toy take his place while he is out of town for the week. Will he push her too far? Will she push back? What will he find when he returns?




The Mozart ring tone on her cell phone pulled Alaina Rowen from sleep just as the alarm beeped. Rolling over, she turned off the beeping alarm before picking up the small pink cell phone Gray had given her just before hed left town for a week of meetings in Quantico, Virginia.

She didnt bother to check the display. She just flipped it open and brought it to her ear. Only one person had the number - Gray Woolphe, Marine Corps pilot, Cherokee healer and her man. Good morning, Gray.

 Are you naked?

The dark sexy voice, more than the question, sent a shiver of lust through her. At once her nipples beaded and juices pooled between her lower lips.

 Not totally, she whispered.

 Why not?

 My boyfriends out of town and I get cold without him sleeping all curled up next to me.

She smiled at his groan at the other end of the phone. Gray had only been gone for three days, but these phone calls were becoming torture. Sex talk to start and end each day made her both love him and miss him more. She couldnt wait until Friday night when he returned home.

 What are you wearing?"

 A black thong and the black Pirate Wench tank top my super-hunk boyfriend bought me at the beach last weekend. Hearing another groan Alainas hunger began to spiral. She slid her free hand across her chest to tweak her stone hard nipples through the tank top. It amazed her how Gray could build her so she was nearly orgasmic just by talking to her. What are you wearing? she asked though she knew the answer.

 A smile and a hard-on that could pound nails through concrete. His dark, deep voice gave her such a visual she couldnt help but slide her hand down her body from her tit to rub between her puffy lower lips.

 Sounds painful. Stroke it for me.

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Genre: Romance
Date Published: 07/29/2010
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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