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Rick's Story

Lifestyles Series

Author(s): Kissa Starling

Rick and Cindy are happily married and secrets have never been a part of their relationship- until Rick encounters erectile dysfunction and attempts to 'fix it' on his own. Either they let this sexual secret destroy their otherwise happy marriage or they give credence to the rumor that the brain really is the biggest sex organ!



I stayed silent while Cindy put her things in the bedroom. A good sign in my mind. Because she loved peach tea I fixed us both one on ice. She came to me dressed in her favorite jeans and a tshirt.

Start from the beginning, and tell me what youve done to try to resolve this yourself. To my great and utter shock she pulled out a notepad and pen, ready and waiting to document my turmoil.

Are you going to write this down?

Of course. We need a plan, and this is the only way to make sure weve covered all of the bases.

I didnt say a word. She must have noticed the fear in my eyes.

Keep one thing in mind, Sir. Im here for you no matter what. If we can never have intercourse again, ever, I will still love you just as much. And by the way, no intercourse doesnt mean no sex. She winked at me.

Desire pooled in the pit of my stomach. How I wished it could result in a massive hard on. For the next three hours I talked and she wrote. At first I feared humiliation, but she nodded and wrote like we were discussing what to add to our grocery store list. Her clinical attitude helped my outpouring of honesty. I ended my harangue with a shoulder shrug. I dont know what else to do.

My intelligent pet went straight to her computer, and began searching for information. Her mind focused on one thing at a time, and she truly thought this could be solved. Fortunately for me Id become her focus for the last ten years. In a way I guess I still was.

The next few days were awkward but I thanked God everyday that my pet hadnt left me. Cindy spent hours researching on the world wide web while I watched every DVD we owned. I cooked the two of us dinner, and persuaded her to come away from the Internet around nine oclock one evening. She drained her wine, set down the stemmed goblet and motioned for me to follow her. Lets get ready for bed. The twinkle in her eye put me on high alert.

I thought Id watch some television for a while. Her eyebrows rose and she crossed her arms. Sir?

Whos the dominant now, pet? I laughed and got up to make my way toward the bedroom.

Always you, Sir.

Part of our relationship included a partnership. Wed agreed to a 24/7 slave-master relationship the night before our wedding but a lot of things had changed since then. Sometimes I forgot that. Cindy brought more than cooking, cleaning, and sex to the table.

We undressed in front of one another, and she slid between the sheets. I followed her lead and tried not to appear nervous. My pet pulled the sheet away from my body and ran her palms in circles on my chest.

I miss playing with your chest hair, Sir. Her hand travelled down my body, massaging the whole way. She touched my groin area and pulled back.

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Genre: Romance
Date Published: 05/13/2010
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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