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Rustler's Heart

A Kinnison Legacy Novel

Author(s): Amanda McIntyre

Orphaned by tragedy, Rein Mackenzie was taken in by his benevolent uncle at the Kinnison ranch alongside two others abandoned at a young age. Now, he and his ‘brothers’ carry on Jed Kinnison’s dream of making the ranch a haven for those who need hope. But when a woman arrives claiming to be related to the Kinnisons, she brings danger—not only to his heart, but to those he calls family.

Liberty’s presence is a surprise to the family she’s never met, and while she yearns to belong, she knows her presence is a reminder of their painful past. Fearless, she dives in, losing her heart to the ranch, to the community, and to an unexpected summer fling.

But when dangers from her past catch up to her, they may cost her everyone and everything she has come to love.


“Here let me take that,” he offered and reached for her duffle.

“Thanks.” She relinquished it to him. He did a double take when he caught the flash of silver on her tongue.

“Uh, are you hungry?” He squinted, trying to see when she spoke, if her tongue was really pierced. “It’s about an hour back to the ranch. Probably someplace near that’s open all night.” Preferably a drive-through, though he kept the thought to himself.

“That’d be great. I’m famished,” she said as she struggled free of her coat. Rein dropped her bag in the back of the truck and waited to assist her into the cab. His gaze fell to her backside bent over the front seat and what was left of her black mini skirt and spandex leggings. She handled the look well, given it appeared she had legs a mile long. She stuffed her coat up into the cab and jerked down her black hoody sporting a faded Guns & Roses insignia emblazoned the back He caught a flash of skin above her waistband, just enough to make him feel guilty for wanting to see if she bore any tattoos. He’d bet money that she had one, if not more. First impression, she looked like the lead in an R-rated vampire slayer movie.

“Be careful. Watch your step.” He gave himself a mental slap and hurried forward to help her in the cab. She gingerly grabbed the bar and hauled herself up gracefully into the seat.

“Did you happen to get my text messages?”

“Nope, I’m afraid not.”

“Is there someone back home that needs to know you’re here?”

“No, there isn’t.” She narrowed her gaze on him. “Mr. Mackenzie, in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m not twelve years old.”

As if he needed to be reminded of the interest she sparked in him. He brushed it off as her eccentricity. “Right.” He shut the door, fished for his iPhone, and frantically texted Wyatt as he walked around to the driver’s side. He wanted to make damn sure they were awake when they arrived back at the ranch. Going to stop for a bite to eat, and then head home. He paused at the door and rubbed his hand over his mouth, a nervous habit when he found himself perplexed by something. With a sigh, he climbed into the truck and busied himself with his seat belt.

“Who were you texting?” she queried.

“Wyatt. Just to let him know you were safe and sound.”

“He was worried? That’s so big brother of him.” She grinned. “By the way, my name is Liberty…Liberty Belle.”

Rein glanced at the young woman who looked tough enough to spit nails. “No last name, or is it Belle?” Her mascara-laden, coffee-colored eyes met his. She wore far too much in his opinion. But he had to give her credit, while the overall effect seemed a little dark…no…make that a lot dark, it was oddly sexy on her. Rein batted away the silly notion. What? Sexy? Where’d that come from?

“No, Belle is my middle name, and also my stage name. Both my parents were in the business. My full name is Liberty Belle Stenapolas.”

He toyed with pursuing the topic of her vocation, but decided her brothers should be the ones to delve into that first. He kept his focus straight ahead and swatted away the myriad of questions that kept popping up in his brain.

“Hey, are you okay?” She leaned toward him and searched his face. “Are you sure you know how to get us out of here?”

Rein blinked, snapping out of his reverie. He started up his truck and shifted into gear. He knew easily how get them out of there with no trouble. But more to the point, what kind of trouble was he bringing home to Last Hope Ranch?

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Genre: Romance
Date Published: 02/27/2014
Publisher: Decadent Publishing

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