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Author(s): Teel James Glenn

Struggling actor and lifelong nerd Wally Chambers gets his big break when he is cast as the masked part of Bottom in a production of Midsummer Night's Dream. His joy is muted when he learns he will only be doing the masked part because the obnoxious and famous Regis Fillmore doesn't want the bother of wearing the donkey head make-up! 

Wally is shocked to find out that his Titania is the voluptuous Hollywood sex kitten, Audrey Flax! She is his dream girl so, despite hiding behind the mask, he immediately signs on. 

Regis has run up some debts with loan sharks and collectors start coming around looking for the famous actor. That's when things get strange. A stranger, cast in the role of Puck, turns out to be the real forest spirit! 

Can Wally overcome his attraction to Audrey in order to keep her friendship? Will the lone shark's men break parts of him before he can convince them he is not Regis? And, who is that mysterious woman lurking in Belvedere Castle?



“I’m gonna skin you, you little creep!” Joey screamed at the top of his lungs.

Wally wasn’t sure which of them the thug meant until he heard Rob’s Riddler laughter and “Gotta catch me first, lard butt!”

Wally didn’t hear much more because he concentrated on running as fast as he could. He went out of the theatre and down the path toward the Shakespeare Garden, running blindly.

Wally found himself on tree-lined pathways of the park. Everything was dark, the moon on the wan and casting feeble light through the lattice of trees. The foliage seemed to muffle all sound, even the clopping of his hooves. He could not hear the pursuit anymore but he knew that they were somewhere behind him.

How did this happen? If I ever get out of this I’ll find that weasel Fillman and make him pay for this!

He tried to remember the path to the closest exit. He knew the park in the daylight, had walked them often with Audrey in the last weeks but it was all a confusing maze in the darkness with his pulse racing and his senses distorted by his fear. He was lost in a very few moments and found himself standing at the juncture of three paths with no idea where the park exit was.

I am so dead! He thought, And I don’t know why!

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Publisher: Eternal Press

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