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Summer Sequel

Author(s): Kaycee Conners

Kate White needs ten thousand dollars and she’s looking to get it from her former lover, Steve Stereo. But, Steve’s a big time singer for the band, Rancher, now, and he has a different woman every night.

Can Kate make him want a sequel to their lost summer of love?


“Steve? Steve Stereo?” she said over the din they made.

One of them stopped movement and stared at her. His blonde curls were slightly flat from sweat, but she would know that tall figure anywhere.

“Yeah, that’s me,” he said, giving her the once over. “Do I know you?”

She allowed them all to give her the once over before she stepped up to the singer known as Steve Stereo. She knew his real name was Stephen Smith, but heard he changed it to make it more entertainment worthy.

“Yeah, you know me, although you probably don’t remember, seeing as how you’ve had so many women since I trotted through your life.”

He cocked his head and really looked at her, or attempted to in the dim light.

“Okay, who?”

“Katherine White. Kate, remember?”

He shrugged. “No, sorry.”

The guys all laughed and they started to drag him away. She pulled on his arm and forced him to look at her.

“I really need you to remember me, Steve.”

He looked down into her face and pretended not to know her for a moment longer.

Then, “Oh my Lord. Katie?” He began to laugh. It was a warm, joyful sound, and his friends stopped and stared. “Katie, where on earth have you been?”

She wrapped her arms around him, returned the hug he enveloped her in. He smelled like smoke and faded cologne, but he felt reassuring and she was glad she’d found him.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781454302902
Date Published: 08/29/2013
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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