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Summer Storm

Author(s): Marilyn Lee

Is love better with a young hot studly cover model? You decide as Marilyn Lee takes us into her Summer Storm. That is if you can withstand all the heat that goes with it!

Jill Parson is an unhappily, divorced 41-year-old, lonely, plump blonde whose twenty-three year marriage ended when her husband left her for a girl younger than their daughter. Jill's learned to be content with her collections of vibrators—until she falls into instant lust with Mr. July, the handsome centerfold from an erotic calendar.

Of course, she has no hope of ever doing more than weaving lustful fantasies around him—until she arrives home one afternoon to find the nearly naked, ebony-hued Mr. July, in her bathroom during a summer storm. Jill seizes the unexpected opportunity and discovers that sex with a handsome, younger man can both as exciting, and as unpredictable as a Summer storm.

Will Jill's Summer Storm just blow through or will it stand the test of time?



A week later, during a sudden summer storm, there was a gas leak in the downtown commercial district. Power to the entire block where I worked was turned off. On the way home, I daydreamed about lying in a bubble bath with the sounds of the storm providing background music as I sipped a glass of my favorite red wine.

I undressed in my bedroom, enjoying the sound of the rain softly falling against my bedroom awnings. Smiling, I opened the master bathroom door and froze. A naked man stood shaving in front of my medicine cabinet mirror.

As I was about to scream, he turned and I found myself looking into the handsome face of Mr. July. He'd cut off his glorious dreadlocks and now sported a short military style haircut. Although he looked several years older than he had on the calendar, he was definitely Mr. July. The sight of his taunt, well-built body with the rippled abs and long, muscular thighs conjured up all manner of sexual fantasies. Dark pubic hair cushioned his dormant cock, but I knew what it looked like fully erect.

My pussy flooded and my knees shook. "Oh, my God! It's you!" I whispered, my fear vanishing. "What are you doing here?"

He sucked in a quick breath and snatched up a towel to wrap around his waist. "Mrs. Wilson? I'm sorry. I didn't expect you home this early. I thought I could have a bath and fix dinner before you got home from work. I know this is probably your bathroom, but the faucets on the bathtub in the other bathroom are broken."

He had a warm, deep, Barry White type voice that sent an inner shiver through me.

I blinked, trying not to stare at him at what Granny Mary would have called his nether region. "Who are you?"

He put his shaver down and crossed the room. "What an idiot. I haven't introduced myself. Justin Howard, Mrs. Wilson."

"Oh." I leaned back against the door. "You're Mike's friend."

"Yes." His dark, liquid brown gaze roamed quickly over me. He released a soft breath and reached over to the towel rack again. He handed me a towel.

That's when I remembered I was as buck-naked as he'd been a few moments earlier. Which meant my large beasts, less than flat stomach, dimpled thighs, and bushy-haired pussy were on full display. I gave a small scream, snatched the towel from his hands, and ran back into my bedroom, shutting the door behind me. I only stopped long enough to snatch up my clothes from the bed before locking myself in Mia's room.

I dressed and then sank on her bed, taking deep gulping breaths. I don't know how long I sat there, my thoughts chasing each other in a jumbled mess until a sharp rap on the bedroom door startled me. I bolted to my feet. "Who is it?" Dumb question. Like it could be anyone other than Mr. July.

"Justin, ma'am. I'm sorry I frightened you."

Frightened me? He'd aroused me-big time, which is more than I knew I'd done for him.

"Can we talk?"

Talk? He wanted to talk? How was I supposed to face him after standing naked in front of him like that? He'd seen all my imperfections-the same imperfections that had resulted in Tom leaving me for his teenybopper. I considered offering Justin money for a hotel room, but remembering all the grief he'd had, I knew I couldn't do that. So what was I suppose to do? I did what I always did when people were counting on me. I came through.

I got up and opened the bedroom door.

He had finished shaving and wore black sweats. The overused phrase, tall, dark, and handsome must have been coined with him in mind. My heart hammered and I felt myself going wet again as I looked up into his dark, magnetic eyes. "I…don't know what to say to you," I whispered in a husky voice.

To my surprise, he took my arm and led me over to Mia's bed. He sat me down and sat next to me. "I'm sorry. Mike told me you were expecting me."

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Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 06/05/2008
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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