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The Cattleman's Runaway Bride

Author(s): Karly Blakemore-Mowle

He wants to be her future, but can she forgive the past first?

They say you should move on from your mistakes… but what happens when that mistake won’t take no for an answer?

Rilee Henderson had a momentary lapse of concentration and fell head over heels in love with a tall, dark stranger. A tall, dark, lying stranger.

Rilee Henderson is a woman determined to fulfill a dream. Loosing her father and her home on the same day was a tragedy that became the driving force behind her desire to reclaim her heritage.

Can Trey Delacourt convince the woman of his dreams that he isn’t the monster she thinks he is?



Rilee felt the blood drain from her face and she stared open-mouthed at the man before her. “How dare you!”

“What? Speak the truth? You’ve used your past as a crutch for too long, Rilee. Someone needs to make you face the facts.”

“And that someone is... you?” 

“Who better? I am your husband after all.”

 Rilee drew in a sharp breath. “That gives you no rights what so ever!”

“Oh, but it does.  As your husband, what affects you, affects me.”

Giving her head an irritated shake, she pushed away from the counter and began to pace. “That’s ridiculous.”

“Is it? When I made those vows, I was serious. I have no intention of dishonoring them, Rilee.”

Staring at the man before her as though he’d lost his mind, Rilee gave a rumble of disbelief. “We were...”

 “Married. For better or for worse. I’m a patient man, Rilee, but the time has come to grow up and get over your tantrum.”

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