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The Star Traveler

Book Title: Blue Moon Enchantment

Author(s): Victoria Houseman

Dr. Hayley Stone, fertility specialist, gives the gift of life to women that have trouble conceiving. After a rough first marriage, her work has taken over her life - along with caring for her Alzheimer's stricken mother. Donovan de Lyon, from the Star Traveler Clan, brings love to beings throughout the galaxy and to humans on the night of the Blue Moon. Yet, true love has always eluded him. Things are about to be forever changed for these two lonely souls when the enchanted Blue Moon works its spell.

Come on, Onyx.Lets go see if we can find that silly old blue moon.
Opening the door off the sunroom, Hayley took a deep breath and held it for a few beats before slowly exhaling.There was nothing quite like the scent of the June night air off the Atlantic; salty and fresh and warm.She jumped the three steps to the ground, having decided to forgo her sandals and feel the sand on her bare feet.
Come on girl, lets run!She took off at a moderate trot, Onyx on her heels.Running along the shoreline, her feet sank into damp sand, squishing between her toes.The heavenly feeling, along with waves around her ankles, helped raise her spirits.
She stopped short and stared at the night sky - at the most beautiful full moon shed ever witnessed.Full and clear, she reached a hesitant hand skyward, as if to touch it.She knew ice crystals in the atmosphere caused the halo around the moon, still, there was something magical about it.Almostethereal.
Hayley moved away from the water, farther onto the beach.Sitting, she drew her knees to her chest and locked her arms around them.It was impossible to take her eyes off the glorious moon.Her furry companion sat beside her and both stared at the orb in companionable silence.
After a few moments, Hayley leaned close to Onyx and whispered into her ear.What do you say, Onyx?Should we give it a shot?At this point in her life, nothing could hurt, not even wishing on a moon.
Closing her eyes tightly, she intoned, Star bright, star light oops, wrong one!
Onyx gave her a woeful look.
Okay, okay. Hayley giggled.Ill take it seriously.She kept her eyes open this time and stared at the moon.Look, Im not very good at this.Im a scientist, you know?But, if there is anything, anything at all to this Blue Moon legend, I wouldnt mind a little love sent my way.She stopped, looked at Onyx, then back to the Blue Moon.Okay.A lot of love.
A feeling washed over her that she couldnt explain.As if something inside her, something locked away for so long that she didnt know it existed, burst forth from its cavern.Now that shed unleashed her feelings, she couldnt stop wishing.
Ill make someone a great wife.Im loyal and honestand Ill love with everything I have inside me.All right, so Im a lousy cook, but Ill make up for it in other areas.Pausing, she rested her head on Onyxs neck.I cant believe Im doing this, Onyx.Wishing on a moon based on some folklore.Yet, it feels, I dont know, right?
Taking a deep breath, she continued as if the moon could really pass her message on to the Star Traveler. I just dont want to be hurt anymore, you know?There has to be a good man out there - somewhere.Someone wholl accept what I have to give and want to give me the same love in return.Its not so much to ask, is it?
Tears fell now.Tears for her mama, tears for her rotten marriage and tears for her loneliness.Hayley finally let the truth reveal itself to her.She wanted to love and be loved.
Onyx began dancing in circles, coming up on her hind legs every so often and letting out excited yelps.
What is it, girl?Is something there?
Hayley looked around the beach.Most of the tourists had gone in for the evening, but a few joggers still lined the shore.Mostly, though, the area was quiet.Even so, Onyx kept up her excited dance.Something caught Hayleys eye and she looked back in the direction of the moon.A bright streak of light flashed across the moon.A shooting star? Hayley stood and peered closer.Odd, but the light seemed to be getting brighter and gave off shimmers of heat.Frozen to the spot, her breath clogged in her throat.There was no way this was a shooting star because if it was, it was coming right toward her.
She opened her mouth to scream, but no sound emerged, not even a peep.Blackness rushed up and shrouded her.The last thing she remembered was staring into the greyest eyes she had ever seen, just as strong arms lifted her before she hit the ground.

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ISBN (Print): 0-9746249-7-7
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Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 06/01/2006

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