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Too Much is Never Enough

Author(s): Skyler Grey

Ryan Edwards is a young man of great wealth, thanks to his father. Never having to work hard a day in his life, Ryan was spoiled to the luxuries of the rich, making him selfish and callous to those around him.

That was until a mysterious package was delivered into his hands and Ryan finds himself at the mercy of a blackmailer, bringing his carefree days to a crashing halt.

Will Ryan find out that life is more than fun and games?



Ryan ran his hand through his hair as he lurched back into his seat, frustrated. "What in the hell are you trying to accomplish here you son-of-a-bitch? You know damn good and well that I did not hurt that woman. She robbed me! Everything was a set up. Her, those men, this was all planned out!"

"Tisk, tisk Mr. Edwards but you are a creative man. I am so sure that poor woman whoever she was, planned such an elaborate scheme."

Ryan listened to the man release a deep sigh before continuing.

"Please, think clearly Mr. Edwards. As much as I'm sure you'd like to have me believe you, your word holds no honor, nor meaning. And the proof, well, that goes without saying."

He couldn't take anymore. Ryan broke, hissing into the phone. "Just tell me what you want asshole. Money? A transfer into your Swiss bank account? What?"

The stranger laughed, causing Ryan's face to flush in heated rage.

"What I want Mr. Edwards is simple. I want you to see yourself as others see you, a self-absorbed, egotistical man who has little regard for other people's feelings, dreams, or desires. It's time we changed that."

Ryan was dumbfounded. He sat quietly for a minute, trying to take in what the man was saying.

"What? That doesn't make any sense. How the hell do you expect me to do that?" He growled in exasperation.

The man waited a moment before answering. His voice was like steel, deep, firm. "By doing exactly what I tell you to do Mr. Edwards. And if you don't, you're going to go to prison for murder. Is that clear?"

Ryan felt the blood drain from his face as his chest tightened. The threat of prison caused his skin to crawl. Even though he knew he was innocent, there was enough evidence to cause suspicion and have him locked up until things were figured out.

He grit his teeth asking, "What do you want me to do?"

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-433-1
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 10/01/2009
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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