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Uncommon Bond

Author(s): Vanessa Alexander Johnson

Lillie Mae Woods is Black, is a seventeen year old senior in high school and lives with her parents William and Victoria Woods in Salt Lake City, Utah. David Johnson is a White twenty-two year old who lives with and cares for his widowed mother, Eloise Johnson.

Lillie Mae is happy doing typical teenage things, i.e., talking on the phone and going to the movies with friends. Despite her strict upbringing and her mother's constant warnings for her to stay away from boys until she’s older because as her mother puts it, "Boys are nothing but trouble,"  Lillie Mae obliges. That's until she meets David Johnson. Victoria Woods is livid when she witnesses the first time meeting between them. Victoria demands she stay away from David without any further explanation. She can’t and they continue seeing each other behind her mother’s back.

Lillie Mae and Davis vowed celibacy until they're married. The more time they spend together the harder it is to honor those vows. Lillie Mae and David elope in nearby Las Vegas. All hell breaks loose when they share the news with her parents.

Although love brought them together, will that bond of love be enough to sustain them when family secrets are revealed?



Lillie Mae stepped out onto her porch. The weather was so nice, she decided to take a leisurely stroll to the corner from her house to catch the city bus. As she neared the corner, she noticed there was someone, a man, also at the bus stop. He appeared to be reading something from the paper he held in his hands. Lillie Mae used his preoccupation to continue studying him, her insides tingling the closer she came to the man.

Lillie Mae was impressed. Not because of the man’s physical appearance and features, though. No, as far as she could tell, it was a body well taken care of. It wasn’t because of his race, which as far as she could tell, he was Caucasian. His small pointed nose and his thin lips told her that.

It was because the young man’s style of dress didn’t resemble that of many of the young men in the area, regardless of their race, who proudly sported shirts not tucked in their pants and no belt.

Lillie Mae smiled. He seems to be in his early to mid 20’s, she concluded. A slight smile crept at the corner of her mouth.

The man sensed her presence. He looked up momentarily from the paper in his hand. He nodded his head when their eyes met and turned averted his eyes back to the paper. His mind was no longer occupied by what he held in his hand but on the beautiful young girl in front of him, although he pretended not to have noticed her.

I've never seen such beauty, he told himself. Her curly shoulder length hair danced and hung gracefully around her shoulders. Although she wore a long multi-colored pleated skirt, he imagined long, shapely legs underneath to compliment her tiny waistline, and perfectly formed round breasts that showed through the pale blue sweater short sleeved shell. A matching long sleeve sweater was tied with the arms around her waist.

In all his twenty-two years, he’d never been smitten with a girl at first sight. Her flawless light brown skin was adorned with a few lighter brown freckles splattered about her cheeks. She was not wearing any makeup. She doesn’t need any makeup, he thought. She had the kind of natural beauty that photographers hoped would grace the lens of their cameras and companies paid big money for.

Yet, her naivety showed through as her eyes peeked at him and hurriedly downward so as to avoid eye contact with him, and told him she was as inexperienced with the opposite sex as he was. He decided to take the lead and introduce himself to her. He knew time as not on his side as the afternoon bus would be arrive soon. He assumed she was going to get on the bus and he was not. He was there waiting to meet his mother who was arriving home from an afternoon in a nearby town with one of her friends.

“You’d better make your move,” the little voice inside his head compelled. He took heed to the voice. He folded the papers and deposited them in his front pant pocket. He glanced up at Lillie Mae. A smile formed at the corner of his lips. “Hello,” he managed to say.

“Hello,” she returned his greeting and averted her eyes back to the ground.

Lillie Mae silently prayed her face wasn’t as flush as it felt. She shuffled her weight from one leg to the other. She folded  her arms in front of her. Nerves consumed her entire body. Lillie Mae unfolded her arms and let them dangle at her sides.

The young man sensed her nervousness. “Hi, I’m David, David Johnson.” He extended his hand to her.

Lillie Mae accepted his hand. “I’m Lillie Mae Woods. Nice to meet you, David.” She giggled inward.

“Are you from around here?” he inquired.

“Yes, right down ...” Lillie Mae stopped short as she realized she was about to tell a total stranger where she lived.

David chuckled.

“What about you?” she asked.

“Yes, all my life,” he responded.

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Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 07/28/2011
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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