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Under the Mistletoe

Author(s): Vanessa Alexander Johnson

Grace has harbored a secret from her husband, Tony for twenty-five years. She believes he is not the biological father of her son, Trace. Trace is in need of a kidney. Because of her medical history, that eliminates Grace as a donor. Tony is hell bent on being the donor. Grace knows her secret is about to be revealed, and struggles with how she is going to tell him. She believes an indiscretion with a co-worker at her office Christmas Party was whenTrace was conceived.
Due to her intoxicated state, she doesn't remember everything that happened that night. Is Tony Trace's father?
Will he be able to forgive her for her indiscretion all those years ago? 
The constant downpour of rain that had been falling all day had managed to enthrall Grace’s thoughts and kept her in a trance-like state for hours. She’d been starring out of her bedroom window deep in thought, trying to think of a solution that would be less painful for everyone involved.
Mounted at the top of Grace’s list of worries that required her immediate attention was how she was going to tell her husband, Tony, of thirty years, that their twenty-five year old son, Trace, was not his biological son.
Somehow she’d managed to hide her secret since Trace’s birth. But now, Grace’s secret was about to be revealed whether she exposed it or not. She knew it would be better if the news came from her and not Trace’s doctors. Trace was in dire need of a kidney transplant and her husband, Tony, was hell bent on giving him one of his since Grace had been ruled out because of her own medical history.
Grace was sure that when Tony went to the hospital to do the preliminary blood work and other test necessary before the surgery to determine if he indeed was a perfect match, then surely the truth would then be revealed.
She shuddered at this frightening thought. Although she and Tony had become more like roommates than husband and wife over the years, she still didn’t want him finding out about Trace this way. If truth be told, she’d rather him not find out at all. But due to circumstances beyond her control, him finding out wasn’t an option. The question was when and how was he going to find out?
He deserves better than this, she kept telling herself. It’s the least I can do for Tony, she concluded. “But How?” she pounced her palm a few times hoping to knock a solution inside her head. She had to find a way to tell him, and soon, because Tony was due at the hospital in a few days for the tests. 
Grace knew the news would break Tony’s heart and Trace’s too, regardless of who revealed it.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4543-0134-9
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 12/19/2011
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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