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The Protectorate Wars-1

Author(s): Nena Duran

Amada Sifuentes had everything a girl could want. A wonderful job she loves and her best friend and college buddy, Robby, working with her. Her paper on Lowland gorillas had been accepted by a renowned publisher. All that changed in an instant when an evil force from another part of the universe came to Earth.

Zaaq-niq is the leader of the Pendo’rahns, and was about to discover the most powerful weapon the universe had to offer. When the Kreeh-nosh landed on a tiny planet, they couldn’t imagine what they were about to face. Little did they know they were about to unleash one of the most dangerous creatures the universe had created—the human female…

As Amada and Zaaq-niq discover they’re destined to be something Pendo-rah hasn’t seen for two thousand years, they accept their fate, and find a love like no other.


She peeked between Ounna and Onno’e and gasped. The guy was enormous and at least seven feet tall. Seven feet of yummy delicious, gorgeous giant…

“Ounna, Onno’e, step aside and let me see this Earth female. I’ll not be kept waiting, nor insulted by her lack of manners.”

What the…was he calling her rude and ill-mannered? “No, don’t you dare move. I’m naked,” she whispered, but the Glaxians had already done so, leaving her exposed to the Jid’rahal’s view.

Amada sensed something wrong with the Glaxians. She then found herself clear off the floor facing a growling giant before she could ask what was goin on.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing? Put me down, you lummox. You’re hurting me. Put me down or I’ll kick your ass.”

She pounded on his chest with her fists, but he didn’t seem to notice. Now what? He held her off the ground, bringing her face-to-face with the most…OMG beautiful aqua eyes she’d ever seen. He was a monster, big and strong.

He looked at Amada as if she were lunch. Her anger instantly faded. She her heart pounded and her clit throbbed with need. Wetness, like she’d never felt before, flooded her pussy. Oh, my god…alien mind control. It had to be. I can’t think of a rational explanation other than alien-freaking-mind control.

He talked to the Glaxians in a language her implant didn’t translate. The more he talked the angrier she got.

“I can’t understand a word you’re saying. It’s rude to talk in front of someone in language the can’t understand.”

“It’s an ancient language of my people. We use it during our most sacred ceremonies. Like claiming a mate.” He claimed her as if she were a piece of property, staking a claim as if she were some kind of object. He didn’t even ask me if I wanted to be claimed. Was he crazy?


His voice sounded like a harsh growl, making her even more aware of his enormous size. Her body shook, leaving her weak in his arms. He lifted her higher, bringing her boobs closer to his face. She’d stopped hitting him, because it didn’t appear to hurt, and she was totally distracted by him. Amada couldn’t help but feel how hard he was, and not because of the form-fitting uniform he wore. She roamed her hands up and down his chest…nope, it was all him.

She was startled out of her exploration by another growl. Until now her hands had been really busy touching and rubbing all his wonderful muscles. Try as she may, she didn’t know why she did it. One thing was clear—he was dangerous if he could make her do things she wasn’t even aware of doing.

“You’re mine. I’ll honor and protect you from those who seek to harm you. Your enemy shall be mine. I claim you in the name of the House of Prahn-kril.”

She rolled her eyes at his corny speech. What was it with her and men? Just because she was tiny didn’t mean she needed protection. Well, maybe in this galaxy she did, but no one was giving her the benefit of the doubt.

“Come, let’s go to my quarters so I may claim your body as is my right.”

That instantly sobered her up. Just because he was eye candy, and he sure was, didn’t mean she was going to spread her legs for him. She groaned inwardly, the mental picture that conjured was too disturbing.

Damn it, I’m horny. The itch needs a scratch….no, no, no. God, I’m such a slut. Better snap out of it. I’m not alien shark bait. Keep it together before he notices I have the hots for him. Would he know? Is it written all over my face? That thought brought her back to reality enough to take action, and she did.

“Just like that, huh? No dinner and a movie? You think I’ll go with you without courtship or wooing. A girl needs wooing, you know. I mean you’re really hot and all that, but I’m not going anywhere with you. There are things I don’t do, and letting some random alien giant claim me after knowing each other for less than five minutes is one of them.” Mr. Giant was all that, but he needed to learn some romance.

“You’re rejecting my claim? I know you find me appealing.” He was puzzled. She could see it in his eyes. How the hell did he know she wanted him? Did she have a neon sign on her forehead?

“Listen, giant, it’s nice of you to try to help. I’m really grateful, but can we just talk for a little before we do it? I mean, really, what’s the rush? I’m not going anywhere, you’re not going anywhere. Why don’t you put me down and we can talk?”

“What will talk accomplish? I won’t harm you, if that’s your concern. I’m aware of your small size.”

“I know you won’t purposely hurt me. That’s not the point. I agree to the claiming, but although some women on my planet engage in casual sex with strangers, most of us don’t. Having sex or intercourse is a very private and intimate act where I come from. I’m not one who takes physical contact casually. I just met you like five minutes ago and don’t know anything about you. And you don’t know anything about me. What’s the rush?”

“Part of the claiming ceremony is the act of copulation. If we don’t see it through then the claiming can be invalidated and any male can potentially claim you.”

“Can you just say we did, you know, the nasty and leave it at that?”

“I’m the Jid’rahal. I don’t lie to my people. The act of taking a lifelong mate isn’t taken lightly. We need to copulate to make the claiming legal.”

What the fuck? Amada thought frantically of possible solutions to the dilemma. She wasn’t opposed to having sex with him. She was more than attracted to him, if the amount of cream dripping from her pussy was any indication. But could a girl get a normal courtship in these parts?

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-92785-913-1
Genre: Science Fiction
Date Published: 10/02/2013
Publisher: Forever More Publishing

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