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Arrested by her Sheik - Part 5

Arrested by her Sheik

Author(s): Honey Jans

Sheik!  Sheik!  Arrest Me!  Trapped and arrested on an island with a sexy Arab-Greek Sheik, are you up to see what happens next? Mix one quiet librarian looking for a good time. A sexy Arab-Greek sheik in cops clothing signing on to teach her all about sex. And criminals who will stop at nothing to get what they want...namely her dead. Now you have Arrested by her Sheik. I hope you’ll come along on this thrill ride of adventure as Mandy Wilson finds out what it’s like to be Arrested by her Sheik.
He met her angry gaze with a steady look and waited for her outraged words that were sure to follow but she didn’t say a word.  Instead all he saw was concern and something else disappointment.  Was it because she’d failed in her mission to fuck him over or because she really was an innocent and he was invading her privacy big time?  Only one way to find out he told himself.  Tearing his gaze off her, he chose to focus on his search and picked up an old battered camera case.  It had been fitted into a snug harbor of her clothing as it if was important to her. Interesting!

“Careful, Nick, that’s precious cargo.”

At her serious tone he cast her a searching glance.  The urgency in her voice told him this battered old camera really meant a lot to her.  Heck she was looking at it with a protective pride a mama had for her baby.  “Precious cargo?” he asked hoping to draw her out.  “Your lingerie is worth more than this.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4543-0219-3
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 08/09/2012
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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