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Behind Wooden Doors

Author(s): Cooper West

Joey has loved the beautiful, dark-haired Taylor since the first time she danced her way across the floor and disappeared behind managementís wooden doors. The woman of his fantasies in the department of his dreams, but no one crosses that line without a direct invitation.

Taylor hates her job. The only bright spots in going to work are the paycheck that funds her music education and the big guy with the wicked sense of humor. He seems to watch her, seeing more than she allows anyone to know. Fortunately, she knows things too, good thing for the man whose smile lifts her spirits.

When his big chance comes, will Joey focus on the job that heís always wanted or embrace Taylorís welcome behind wooden doors?


Her name was Taylor and Joey watched her constantly. Rather, he tried to, but she worked in operations and the only time he ever saw her was when she strode across the production floor from the industrial employee entrance to the smooth, solid and closed wooden doors of the administrative wing.

Sheíd flash her pass card over the electronic lock while her hips moved to whatever tunes she listened to on her mp3 player. She walked to music, all the way through the facility, oblivious to the high pitched screeches and banging cacophony of the high-tech manufacturing machines, her steps matching a beat only she could hear. It was sexy. Joey was not the only one who noticed, but he was the only one who waited around just to watch.

Dressed well in business casual and high platform heels, she wasnít beautiful or model thin. Her hair was dark, curly and wild, usually tied back in a practical way. He guessed her to be in her late twenties, but Frank, one of other floor managers, insisted she was over thirty. She couldíve been fifty for all it mattered to Joey. He loved the way she carried herself, but he didnít really fall for her until he saw her smile.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-61333-071-5
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 05/20/2011
Publisher: Decadent Publishing

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