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Beyond Bounds

Author(s): Lex Valentine, Adera Orfanelli, Andra Ashe

Beyond Bounds
a contemporary BDSM anthology
cover art by Winterheart Designs

Colin Cuffed by Lex Valentine

Colin Granville had a bad day and was looking forward to a quiet evening with his mate. But Eden has other plans for him that don’t include “quiet.” Her cousin Emily is away on vacation and Eden has the key to her house. She takes Colin there and introduces him to Emily and Vahid’s private dungeon.  Reluctant to play at first, Colin gives in to Eden and is instantly cuffed to the bed. What follows is a night of sensory deprivation and fun with a violet wand, proving that even married couples can be pretty kinky.

A Worldly Cage by Adera Orfanelli

Sebastian offered Ninali the world, and she did the only thing she could--she ran. A bought woman has no place in the highest circles of Earth nobility. When she ends up in a cage brothel on a back-system space station, Ninali figures it's for the best. Until Sebastian purchases her debts and brings her back to his space yacht. Now, she must submit not just to Sebastian, whom she has always loved, but she must also submit to her hopes and desires.

Sebastian would follow the woman he loved to the end of the universe. Luckily, he found her on a forgotten space station. Now, he has to show her that there's a place for her in his world, and if she accepts his love, she'll never be in a cage again.

Miss Blaine's Misconduct by Andra Ashe

Personal assistant to some very wealthy and high-profile A-listers, Lily finds herself organizing a charity event for a bachelor who seems too nice to be true. Her excitement around him is heightened when he begins playing games with darkness and touch, as well as using tricks to get her alone—and without panties. But falling for the man who delivers a few titillating slaps on her behind isn’t a good idea, since she could soil her reputation. On the day of the final event, she expects to move on, but the handsome masked man has other plans.


The room had everything a couple would need to enact a full-on scene. There was a St. Andrew’s Cross, an expensive, obviously custom made padded spanking bench, a four-poster bed with manacles and a sling, and a toy chest almost as tall as Colin. He opened a drawer and found an assortment of floggers.

“Oooh! Lemme see!” Eden reached around him for the flogger, the soft strands of leather brushing the skin of his forearm as she picked it up.

“You’re not gonna whip me, are you?” he asked, his tone resigned. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t taken a whip to him before. His wife had a way with such toys, but since he wasn’t really into pain, they didn’t scene very often. Usually, Colin had to be in the mood to up the ante on their sex play and indulge his wife’s urge to dominate.

Golden eyes gazed at him in amusement. “Not looking forward to red hot cheeks, are we?”

Colin made a face. “I wasn’t expecting it, no.”

“Oh, c’mon.” She nudged him in the ribs with her elbow…hard. “You know you want to.”

He eyed the flogger. Actually, he didn’t want to. He was stone cold sober and hadn’t been expecting her to blindside him with a night of play. He’d had a long ass day at the cemetery dealing with a marketing plan gone awry because his assistant Corey was on vacation. He’d been looking forward to a pizza, some wine, and a swim, not hurried leftovers and a trip to her cousin’s house for a flogging.

He sighed. “I love playing with you, but I’m not really in the mood to have my ass whipped, flogged, or paddled,” he told her. “I already got that at work today.”

Sympathy instantly warmed his wife’s golden eyes. She brushed his hair back from his forehead and kissed him softly. “I’m sorry, babe. We don’t have to do this tonight. They’ll be gone a couple of weeks. We can come back.”

Her supple hip bumped his innocently, but Colin’s cock suddenly responded, his nostrils filling with the scent of her arousal. He turned his head, and his gaze snagged on the bed. Or rather, the manacles.

“Maybe we don’t have to,” he murmured, taking the flogger from her and putting it back in the drawer. He opened another drawer and found all sorts of feathers, silk scarves, and other assorted items that might be used on naked skin. An idea formed in his mind, and he took the flogger back out and dropped it next to the feathers.

“Take your clothes off. I need to see that pretty pink pussy.”

His low tone had his wife’s brows rising. Her lips curved up next. “Yes, sir!” she said and began to wriggle out of her clothes. “What do you want?”

“I don’t want to do the work,” he stated bluntly. “But in order to add some spice to that, I’m gonna let you chain me to the bed. You can take advantage of me there and my butt stays lily white. ‘Cept for the sheet burns, of course.” Colin winked at her and watched her smile turn sly and seductive.



A Worldly Cage by Adera Orfanelli

One pussy looks just like another, or at least that’s what Brezzler thinks. Ninali sighed as the light in her booth blinked on indicating she had a customer. She relaxed her legs, letting them fall against the restraints holding them. Lifting her hips, she ensured she was aligned with the access port. The view screen on the top of the box remained turned off; she didn’t care to see her customers.

The whoosh of the panel obscuring her clit and labia sounded, and Ninali didn’t even notice. She stared at a dent in the ceiling of her metal box, once again wondering how it had gotten there. Her hands were clamped down to the padded floor of the box. Ninali figured no one else could have pounded in frustration, though maybe when her shift was over the unknown woman had done such a thing. Ninali wondered why the unknown person would even bother. She’d long resigned herself to her fate. At least it beat the emotional tangle her last Captain and Master had left behind.

A gentle touch on her labia startled her. She waited, breath held, for another touch. It’d been so long. The touch came, a caress of the complete length of her sex. Ninali shuddered. Only one man had touched her like that. No, it couldn’t be.

The stroke came again, this time finding the swelling bud of her clit. Moisture flooded her pussy, though the nanobots in her system were timed with the box to ensure she was already ready for clients. Those same bots kept her from disease, something she figured was necessary with this crowd. Breezler kept his establishment on the seedier floors of the space station.

She held her breath, steadying her will to keep the memories at bay. Her finger moved toward the button that would turn on the screen above her. Some of the women said they liked to watch, wanted to see the kinds of women who would come to the fuck booths down on this level. Sometimes they got a little oral, but that was mostly from husbands practicing before going home to their wives. These touches though, they were different. Almost reverent as if the man, and she guessed it was a man, standing at the end of the booth knew her.

Oh heavens no. She had to know. A flick of her finger and the screen, grainy and humming, came to life. A face, too familiar and not supposed to be in this sector of space, appeared. Her Captain.

She swallowed hard and turned the monitor off. No use reliving the past. Maybe he did this with everyone. Her heart tightened at the thought. She refused to believe that he touched any other woman like this. And oh how he was touching her. She’d tried to ignore the gentle caresses, the finger circling her clit, but now, the touches intensified. The flat pad of his thumb worked the hood of her clit, riding it, driving her to buck against her restraints.

A moan fluttered against her closed lips; she refused to move it past the seam of her mouth. No professional moaned in these boxes. A woman quickly learned not to give the guys any more than their pussy. Their pleasure, they kept for themselves. Her Captain was playing her body like a musician, and as a finger slid into her pussy, she bit back a cry.



Miss Blaine's Misconduct by Andra Ashe

Another day, another A-lister to organise. Lily pointed the electronic key at her two-door coupe, hoisted her black messenger bag more securely onto her shoulder, and pressed the intercom on the pillar beside the tall wrought iron gates.

“Miss Blaine?” the predictably husky voice of Nick Gregory responded. Lily shook her head and smiled to herself. Of course someone who looked like God’s gift to women would have a voice to match. She’d seen his photos in the papers and women’s magazines, but this temp job had been arranged through the agency so she’d not spoken to him in person.

“Yes, Mr. Gregory,” she replied, in executive assistant mode.

“Come on in. The front door will be open,” the voice said. The intercom clicked off and the gates swung open.

As Lily walked up the circular driveway, she hoped this would be a straightforward job with no diva dramas. But Nick Gregory was a wealthy businessman, not a rock star or TV celebrity. Dramas she could deal with, but pretentious egos made her grit her teeth and swear under her breath. Her reputation was for hardnosed control over whatever task was thrown her way, and she couldn’t afford to let personal prejudices interfere with getting the job done. Not always easy.

Arriving at the white double front door, Lily turned the handle. More often than not in her position she had free access to her client’s homes and felt no discomfort letting herself in.

A staircase worthy of Gone with the Wind rose directly in front of the door and Nick Gregory, dressed in casual but obviously expensive black sweatshirt and chinos, bare feet, and trendy black glasses descended, like a nerdy Rhett Butler sans moustache.

His sleek, dark hair and dimpled chin were easy on the eye, and Lily appreciated a gorgeous-looking man as much as the next woman, but she’d worked for enough of them for the novelty to have worn off a long time ago.

“Miss Blaine,” he walked towards her. “Thank you for coming at such short notice. My assistant had a family emergency and was in the middle of organising our annual fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital.”

It was a little quaint to be called Miss Blaine, but somehow refreshing, so she resisted her natural instinct to tell him to call her Lily. “That’s what I’m here for, Mr. Gregory.”

“I don’t know about you, but I don’t start the day without a coffee,” he said, leading the way past the staircase. It was always a lottery whether clients would treat her as an equal or a lackey, and the face they showed to the public wasn’t necessarily the one they had in private. Getting on well was imperative to continuing to get work. One bad word from someone high-powered and she wouldn’t work again.

That he was making the coffee rather than waiting for her to do it was an unexpected informality. That he was doing it barefoot was surprisingly intimate and sexy. Not the way she’d expected to start her working day.

Morning sunlight streamed into the kitchen, which was almost as big as her whole apartment. For the first time on a job, Lily felt a little awkward. She was usually thrown straight into her tasks and had things under control within half an hour.

Still, she thrived on new experiences, so she took a seat at the table by the window. No matter how casual Nick Gregory seemed to like his working arrangements, it was more than slightly disconcerting that he was barefoot, humming to himself while he made her coffee. More like a lover than an employer.

“How do you take it?” His voice broke into her thoughts.


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Genre: BDSM
Date Published: 09/06/2012
Publisher: Jupiter Gardens

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