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Condemned By A Vampire

Author(s): Jodie Pierce

Can a young poet find happiness with a vampire?

A normally introverted girl, poet by day and gothic bartender by night meets her 'destiny' man. At first she refuses him but he keeps coming back attempting to get her to go out with him. Finally they do and she feels things she's never felt before. However, each time they have wonderful erotic sex a huge disaster hits and they move to get away from it. Finally he admits to her that he's cursed and it's his fault for each of the disasters. She is furious and has him take her to his homeland in Romania and run down his family history and the details of the curse. She ties him up, makes love to him one final time and ends the curse. But how? Will they still be together after he has condemned her to this life?


Can I live with my decision for eternity? I never finish things I start so why would I want this for eternity when there’s no turning back.
I didn’t have Xavier to factor in before and the passion he makes me feel either. He could be just the one I need to make this eternity thing work. The past couple of days without him has left me feeling incomplete and like a shell of my former self. When we were together it was like I could spiritually feel his body joined with mine. I think that’s why I was crying but didn’t know why. My soul was crying for his subconsciously. I need him but I’m sure he and destiny already had that one figured out a long time ago.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615726486
Date Published: 04/07/2012
Publisher: Eternal Press

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