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Dance Like Everyone's Watching

Cruise Liner Adventures: Book 1

Author(s): Eve Summers

As a dancer on a luxury cruise liner, Taffy has a dream job: earning tax-free money for something she’s passionate about, while not spending a cent on bed & board. Taffy, however, has a secret and the money is not coming in fast enough for her liking, especially when her focus turns away from money towards the steady, sexy and dark Ashton, whose ex-girlfriend shares Taffy’s crew cabin. 

The pool boy, Ashton, is in reality the undercover heir to the shipping company's fortune. When an emerald pendant is stolen, Ashton has to discover the culprit before the company’s reputation is compromised. As much as he hates to admit it, Taffy is the prime suspect.... 



Three bread rolls and a long nap later, Taffy was relieved to discover that the rocking and the rolling of the cruise ship became more natural, almost soothing.

The biscuit-skinned man in a white military shirt was sitting on Helena’s bed, still displaying that magnetic triangle of glossy skin. “Hope you don’t mind. Just checking to see if you’re feeling better.”

“Yes, thank you.” Taffy unglued her eyes from his chest and looked up straight into the I-want-to-be-your-lover smile. That’s when she realised what should have been obvious from the start. The biscuit-skinned man was the man-boy from last night, the one in the audience and the one in her dream. “Much, much better.”

The man’s grin deepened. “Aw, shucks. I would have been happy to play doctor.”

Zzzzzing! The approach was too much too fast, yet Taffy’s heart skipped a beat. What was it about this stranger that obliterated social conventions and made chutzpah acceptable... more than just acceptable?

His spicy stare was almost tangible on her skin, sending golden sparks through her veins. Taffy fought the urge to touch him. The intimacy of the cabin conspired against her.

“Tell me,” she said as she swung her legs out of the narrow bunk, “is there any place on this skyscraper of a ship where two members of the crew could stare at the ocean together and,” she paused playfully, “oh, I don’t know, learn each other’s first names perhaps?”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-782-0
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 09/23/2010
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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