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Darci's Game

Author(s): Kat Orion

Darci’s Game by Kat Orion
erotic vampire menage short story

Darci was used to being kidnapped by the vampire brothers, Preston and Thad. When a fourth person joins them, and the brothers propose an ancient ritual, Darci realizes their game just got a lot more dangerous…and sexy!


The blindfold sat against Darci’s eyes; its knot pressed into the back of her skull. She lay on the floor, hands tied behind her back, seeing only blackness. The tang of blood assaulted her nostrils, though she felt certain it wasn’t her own. Her stomach rumbled at the scent, and she wondered at a mortal being called in on this little game.

Her nipples ached. Though the nipple clamps had been removed some time ago, the sensitive tips still felt the tug of metal, the chill of gemstones against her flesh. That she was put in a position of submissiveness didn’t bother her at all; only the fact that she knew not the reason why.

The thoughts swirled in her mind. Darci lay utterly still as she contemplated her fate. Upon her rising this evening, she’d been bound, gagged, and taken to this remote place. Men, two of them judging by the sounds they made as they walked past her, had dumped her on the floor and left her.

“Please don’t.” The whimpering female voice set Darci’s nerves on edge. The scent of blood ran stronger now. “Oh God, yes. No. Yes.” The whimpers escalated into muffled sobs separated by moans.

They would fuck her. The knowledge thrust into Darci’s brain. She smelled the woman’s arousal, a hot scent that only fueled Darci’s own need. She pressed her legs together, wishing her hands weren’t bound so she could reach down between her legs and rub her own clit until she came.

The rasp of zippers sounded ominously loud. The two men said nothing. Darci heard the swish of fabric that announced two pairs of pants hitting the floor. If this were her usual game and she suspected it was because she heard only one heartbeat, that would be Thad and Preston standing there, their glorious cocks standing at attention. Darci shivered with anticipation.

“No, I can’t–” The woman’s muffled words were cut off, and then there was a brief gagging noise.

Oh God, Darci thought, she’s sucking them. She wished she sat in the chair instead, taking the lengths of them down her throat.

A chair scraped against the floor. The sound made Darci’s pussy ache, for she knew now that at least one of the men was Thad. He always liked to suck his mortals from the most intimate of places, and he ate pussy like a god.

The woman whimpered. Preston must have removed his cock from her mouth, for she began to plead in a horrible, high-pitched voice for her life. Darci smiled. In moments, the woman’s pleadings degenerated into moans of pleasure. A scream as she reached orgasm, then nothing.

Darci tried not to writhe on the floor. Although she’d never found death arousing, the idea that these two men had fucked the woman to death was. Steps moved in her direction.

“Ah, Darci,” Thad said, his honeyed voice flowing over her like a good orgasm. “I see you enjoyed the little show. Do you know who she was?”

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Genre: BDSM
Date Published: 09/19/2012
Publisher: Undina Press

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