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Deeply Hidden Desires

Author(s): Patricia Richardson

Tara has a problem a very big problem. You wouldn't think so to look at her. She is gorgeous from her lean, well-formed legs to the bronze shimmer of her complexion. But what made most men stop to stare were those thick, full rose- colored lips. Yet Tara has a problem. She is madly in love with Kendrick who takes days to return her calls, who pays her less and less attention. Even the sex is becoming routine. She's just gotten her first job as a registered nurse, but her boss Dr. Conrad is incredibly sexy, and clearly interested in Tara.

And then there's Makala. Dr. Conrad's secretary is attractive, aggressive, and in love with Dr. Conrad. And, naturally, she hates Tara. And Makala is in a very good position to sabotage Tara's work.

Should Tara try to work it out with Kendrick? And surely it's best not to get on Makala's bad side. But Dr. Conrad's skin is as black as a starless night and as smooth as a baby's behind. And the smoldering glances he sends Tara's way, well, she just starts to melt. . .

Patricia Richardson author of Place for Ida and A Time for Jonathan is taking a whole new direction in her first foray into erotic literature. Deeply Hidden Desires will hold you spellbound as you travel with Tara through heartbreak, forbidden desires, and the ecstasy of true love. Don't miss this latest offering from one of our most exciting authors!


It was an unseasonably humid spring day in downtown Baltimore.Tara stopped to watch the ducks float around in their dirty pond water as she entered the campus of North Charles Hospital. She wore a black longsleeved tailored suit that fit snugly around the curves of her shapely body. The skirt stopped just above her knees. She also wore black stockings and black two-inch pumps that accented her plump well-formed legs. Tara stood just a few inches above five feet at 120 lbs. Her skin, usually the color of cocoa, now had a bronze shimmer due to the summer sun. But her most prominent feature, which men especially appreciated, was her thick,full, rose-colored lips.

Obviously she was going to regret wearing black on such a hotday, but what choice did a sista have? None! It was the only corporate outfit that she owned, and she wasn’t about to charge anything on her almost maxed-out charge cards.

She arrived with a few minutes to spare for her appointment withDr. Conrad. She was a registered nurse at last! Her body were still
jittery from all the studying and preparation for her boards; now the interview, the very thought of it, seemed to add new butterflies to
the pit of her already tense stomach.

She took deep breaths, trying to relax and get her mind geared to ace her interview. She really needed this job since she had tons of
bills to pay. Credit cards, student loans, you name it, she owed it. “Soon the creditors will be knocking at my door.” She had been letting the answering machine pick up her calls, she had run out of excuses. Frankly her creditors didn’t want to hear any more excuses. Green, the almighty dollar,is what they wanted at this point.

She forced those thoughts out of her head; they were just something else to add to her nervousness. She allowed her mind to drift freely, that’s what she needed, freedom to make choices. She was tired of the pressures of life, and tired of being tired of her man.

Out of all the wonderful, colorful, uplifting thoughts that could have entered her mind, what she continued to ponder was the ducks.

“How can they survive in such filthy water?” But before she could satisfy herself with a logical explanation, a beautiful black Mercedes
Benz cruised up to where she was standing, and practically came to a standstill. The driver eye-balled her from head to toe approvingly,
his smile was warm and lustful. His skin tone was as black as a starless night and as smooth as a newborn baby’s behind. Pearly white teeth sparkled in the bright sunlight; his bald head gleamed. He was the spitting image of how she liked her man to look. Even though he was sitting behind the wheel, she was able to get a sense of his height. That long, lean muscular frame had to be at least 6 feet tall.

She returned the smile, slowly and flirtatiously. “Watch yourself!” She heard a warning bell go off in her head. She still had Kendrick in her life, even though he was the opposite of what she wanted her man to look like. He did have the height and sparkling brown eyes, but not the ultrabright gleam of teeth against a dark chocolate complexion. He had a deep throaty, Isaac Hayes voice, maybe even sexier than Isaac’s. Kendrick’s voice was enough to make a girl climax until you became used to it,and used to it she was. She did love him, but he wasn’t meeting her needs - mentally or sexually – anymore. Kendrick used to do the type of things in bed that would turn a sista out, but lately sex and everything else had been routine, hardly anything to anticipate. Tara couldn’t help but reminisce from time to time about their explicit encounters in the most erotic places. How she longed to have him back that way again! Sometimes she wondered whether it was the memory of how he used to be that still had her in love.

Kendrick’s father had recently died of a massive heart attack at fifty-five, and he hadn’t planned well for his family’s financial security. He left them heavily in debt. The small life insurance policy he carried at work was barely enough to cover the funeral expenses. He had always lived far above his means. Family vacations every year, a new car every two years for him and his wife. And their home had all of what modern technology had to offer. Every bedroom was adorned with a plasma screen TV with Blue-Ray disc player and a Bose speaker system.

Kendrick’s mother had just started working part-time a few months before her husband’s death; she had always been a homemaker and loved it. But when the youngest child was old enough to put a key around his neck, she decided that a little outside exposure would be healthy for her mind. Now, she was glad for that decision. She had had no idea of the financial trouble they were in; she never involved herself in any of the household expenses. She trusted her husband to handle them and he seemed to be doing a great job. Unfortunately, like thousands of women left in this predicament, she trusted her husband and never took the time to evaluate their financial security. Her mother hadn’t taught her that a woman is always supposed to keep a little nest egg on the side.

He never complained about not having enough money and the family always seemed to have more than enough. Now, even with his social security check and the salary from her part-time job, coming in, it seemed that there was never enough money. There were just too many outstanding bills.

Kendrick felt sorry for his mother; he felt, as the only adult male, that he should assume the role of head of household. He was always busy helping his mother raise his two sisters and brother. If he wasn’t working overtime to help the family hold on to the comfortable lifestyle that they had grown accustomed to. He took on additional responsibilities in regards to their medical visits.

Tara was truly impressed with all the activities kids were involved in nowadays, they all seemed to have a full itinerary. Softball, dance class, music lessons, soccer. She was lucky if she was able to attend a Girl Scout meeting when she was growing up.

As suddenly as her knight in shining armor had appeared, he was leaving. By the time she’d focused her thoughts from Kendrick and back to the man that was making her emotions go ballistic, the car had started cruising away towards the campus parking lot. But, she could still see the driver eyeing her from his rearview mirror.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 0-9774984-2-5
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 08/19/2008
Publisher: Leap of Faith Publishing

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