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Author(s): Eva Lefoy

Security Core agent Everett is assigned a special case—protect the daughter of Simon Gold, the father of modern mechanoid life. To ensure her survival, Everett’s given a special EMO upgrade, and can experience love for the first time. He’s soon head over heels and the super-charged sexual attraction threatens to fry his circuits while he fights to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

Samantha Gold detests her father’s work. She’s an off-the-grid back-to-lander who wants to keep life simple with her cows and her crops. When her father dies and inadvertently transfers a secret code to a hidden receptor in her brain, it’s only android Agent Everett who can protect her. Can she ever forgive her father for creating Everett—a man so perfect for her that he even loves her cows?


“Stay where you are, Miss Gold, and we won’t hurt you.”

The hell.
She dodged right and fled down the next aisle, the clerk zooming after her with her purchase.

“Miss? Miss? Did you want to have this gift-wrapped? Miss?”

Seconds later a thud shook the floor, probably the clerk being run over by the two thugs. She didn’t waste time looking back to find out. Sucking in air while running full tilt, she raced for the only exit she felt safe taking—the escalator.

Down she went, shoving people aside, and jumping over small children. Down, down, down as fast as she could. Screams split the air behind her, but she could not stop. Fear pounded in her veins, making her limbs loose and wiry and her mouth dry. Got to reach the bottom. Got to get out of here.

Her foot finally landed on the last step. She pushed off and collided with a massive wall of chest. A strong arm came around her, pressing her tight.

“Darling, there you are. I’ve been looking all over for you.” The voice was calm and smooth.

Before she could catch her breath and ask him to ID himself, they were moving. Well he moved—her feet weren’t even touching the ground. He’d swept her up in his arms as though she weighed less than a feather. Through the crowded floor he ran, holding her so tight she wasn’t jostled. They traveled so rapidly the wind made her eyes tear. She turned her head and looked behind them. The two goons still followed. My God, they move so fast, they can’t be human.


“Everett, my name’s Everett.”

She blinked, stunned. He didn’t even sound out of breath. How could that be possible? “Everett, the goons, they’re gaining on us!”

“Then it’s time for us to get out of here, my dear.” He took a hard left and started muttering “B42”, “B42”, whatever that meant.

She whipped her head back around in time to see him hold out an arm, fire some strange weapon, and completely obliterate the elevator next to the bathrooms, leaving a black gaping hole in the wall. But he didn’t stop his forward momentum. He kept going. Right for the smoldering opening.

“Hold on.”

She gripped his shoulders tight, nails digging in. No. No, he couldn’t be serious. “Everett, no!”

But he was. He jumped through the hole and right off the edge of the fortieth floor. Straight into certain oblivion. Death himself must have trembled at the sight.

She closed her eyes and screamed as her stomach pitched into her ears. Down they went, and fast. She tried to calculate the seconds until impact but found her brain too paralyzed by shock to formulate the numbers. I’m going to die. I’m going to die. And all I wanted was a new spatula.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-61333-658-8
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 03/18/2014
Publisher: Decadent Publishing

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