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Food for the Gods

Author(s): Camille Anthony




“So, tell us, kore…do you find us comely?”

She raised her bemused gaze up to meet their eyes. “M-my lords, you know I must.” Uncertain of what else they wanted, Daphne stilled, sensing they desired something yet unspoken, something perhaps beyond her ability to perform. “What mortal woman in her right mind would not find you comely? Together, you three embody all the myriad colors and textures of the sea…”

“Especially these stiff coral stands, eh kore?” the black one grinned, palming his huge organ.

All three laughed at that; the sound of their amusement low, yet somehow frightening even as it thrilled. Still, that throbbing pulse beat between her thighs, driving her mad, driving her to intemperance. Warm dew spilled out to coat her mons and she shifted uncomfortably, woefully ignorant of the significance of her reactions.

“Do you know who and what we are, kore?”

Daphne nodded again. “You can only be the sons of Poseidon, Lord of the oceans and the goddess Clerys: Plador, Polyphemus and Porimus. You are gods.”

They laughed again, exchanging significant glances with each other before the blue lord spoke. “You are half-correct, little kore. Our mother is Clerys, the sea witch. However, she is no goddess, only a demigod. Our father is full deity. I am Plador, the eldest and as such, I claim the first kiss.”

Not waiting for an answer he probably knew would not be in the negative; the blue-skinned one took her in his arms, lowered his mouth and captured her lips. He proceeded to tease the tight-closed seam with his tongue.

Daphne moaned under him with excited fear. No man had ever set lips to hers. Even her father had only rarely bussed her cheek or forehead, never her mouth.

Now, her lips tingled, swelled, her mouth gave way under the skillful prodding of the god’s facile tongue as she surrendered to his insistent urging to open herself to him.

Great heavens, was he licking in her mouth? Yes, he was…and flicking his tongue against her teeth and along the roof of her mouth, drawing her own tongue out to tangle with his.

A weighted heaviness grew in her belly, warmth and fire mingling at her core. Her nether lips swelled and…itched in the most awful way. Something liquid slid down her unsteady thighs. She groaned, twitching with embarrassed shameful lust.

“I want my turn!”

Daphne’s eyes snapped open—when had she closed them? —to find the pale-skinned male attempting to shoulder his brother out of the way. “Tis enough, elder brother…give way to the better kisser.”

“You wish, Polyphemus,” Plador retorted, turning his body to foil his brother’s ploy. Bringing his hands up once more, he gently cupped Daphne’s cheeks, smiling down into her flushed face. “One last kiss and then I shall defer to you, my brother.” His mouth covered hers, tongue surging in to renew the rapture he’d begun in her.

She was half-way to swooning when she felt Polyphemus sweep her against him, his rampant male part pressing hot and hard between their bodies. Dampness from the blunt tip seeped through her thin stola and the flesh of her stomach burned where his flesh touched her.

Where Plador had coaxed her interaction, Polyphemus demanded it. Hollowing his cheeks to suck her tongue into his mouth, he proceeded to perform decadent actions on it.

By the gods, he is the better kisser! What dark pleasure is this he arouses in me? Daphne clung to the corded muscular arms banded about her, holding on for dear life, fearful she would faint under the determined assault threatening to blast her innocence into a thousand glittering pieces.

A broad palm eased under her threadbare stola, applying firm strokes to her buttocks. Long thick fingers came very close to the secret entry nestled deep between her plump ass cheeks.

Daphne surfaced from her lust-filled haze enough to recognize Porimus’ grinning face, his sea-green eyes twinkling at her over her shoulder like a naughty boy. Her pulse raced and she gasped, shuddering at the wicked pleasure his hand brought. A thought later, guilt at enjoying something so depraved had her moving away from his tempting fingers, inadvertently snuggling into Polyphemus’ hard erection.

It jerked against her, seeming to have a life of its own. A masculine groan sounded above her head and a strong hand grabbed hers, pushed it down, down between their bodies.

“Touch me kore,” he begged, molding her fingers around the hot thick bar of flesh digging into the soft pit of her belly.

It was so soft. Iron hardness covered in the silkiest of skin pulsed in her hand. Daphne held it, unsure what to do until Plador laid his hand over hers and showed her how to stroke his brother’s organ. Dropping a kiss into her other palm, he took that hand and pressed it to his own rearing staff.

“Thank the gods there’s plenty of meat to share, back here,” Porimus growled, giving the full round curve of her bottom a sharp, painful tap. She yelped, terribly embarrassed when he jerked her shift up to run a finger through the wetness between her thighs, dragging it toward the entrance she’d never touched except to clean.

Firm hands, smooth and black, caught her chin and turned her head sharply toward his. “My turn, I think,” Porimus whispered, pushing his brother’s head aside to take over her lips.

With a muffled groan, Polyphemus forsook her mouth, curving to drop nipping kisses down the side of her face, touching on ear, chin, and neck before heading downward. Without warning, he sucked her left nipple into the cavern of his mouth and drew…

Daphne screamed into Porimus’ marauding mouth, overcome by the barrage of sensations rolling over her like turbulent ocean waves. His mouth was hard, his kisses urgent, demanding with a dark edge that Polyphemus—for all his ardor—could not match. He took her as his right, reshaped her mouth to accept his tongue and teeth. Biting, nipping, he ate at her, harsh…then softly, varying his attack until she reeled in confusion.

Daphne shattered under all the stimulation—her two hands filled with large cocks, mouth raped by a relentless tongue, breasts suckled and nibbled with ferocious need.


Is Daphne only a sacrifice in the way of life or is there more to it?

Former princess Daphne lingers in Croapolis to render what aid she can to the townspeople. Too late, she finds herself a pawn in her evil uncle’s plan to sacrifice her in place of his wicked daughter. Daphne is a loyal follower of Poseidon and willingly offers her body to the Kraken—three shape-shifting godlings sent to devour her.

But the Kraken, the three sons of Poseidon, have other plans for Daphne. They’ll devour her, all right, and when they finish, they’ll do it again and again, until she dies the “little death”.

Ambrosia never tasted so rich...

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ISBN (Print):
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Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 07/31/2008
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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