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Foreign Exchange

Beyond Fantasy: Book 1

Author(s): Rachel Cade

Lorna's life has, so far, been quite disappointing, with big dreams on the backburner as she's forced to deal with current woes; a low paying waitress job and perpetual single life. On a mundane trip to Macy's she finds herself feeling insecure about her full figure while shopping with her thin best friend. In a move that totally contrasts her shy demeanor she finds herself drawn to a mane of waving platinum blond hair and the well dressed businessman attached to it.

Unbeknownst to her, she is beginning a journey that will lead to her losing all inhibitions and enjoying her wildest fantasies.



Lorna still felt self conscious as she stood there with a puffy red coat on and her slightly ill fitting black jeans that flared out and almost over her Nike sneakers. She bought the bra and headed out of the store, making a slight detour to the now empty men's section. She sighed as she tucked away her little memory. The well-dressed man was gone, probably back to his ultra-rich fantastic life, and that was that. She walked through the store and smiled at the lady she'd bought the perfume from and said goodnight, stopping again at the counter to look at the kissing couple on advertisement for the latest Ralph Lauren fragrance.

Not able to resist smelling the new scent, Lorna began looking for the tester spray, wondering how she'd missed this when she'd first walked in. Then she remembered she and Tianna had entered on the other side of the building. Lorna found the tester and sprayed the scent against her wrist. Bringing the perfumed skin to her nose, she inhaled the smooth, spicy fragrance, closing her eyes briefly. When Lorna opened them she gasped, stepping back. Bending over the display across from her was the man, and he looked up even though her intake of breath had barely been audible. His blue-green gaze froze her.

Okay, okay, she thought as her feet began to thaw, that was the moment now let's go!

Quickly Lorna left the counter before he rolled his eyes at her or snickered in disgust. She saw his face turn to her as she moved and she made sure not to meet his gaze. Her heart was pumping so fast she wondered if she were having an anxiety attack.

She pushed open the glass door and heard it close behind her. The streets were a little empty for this time of day, but she barely noticed.

Oh, my God, he looked at me! she kept saying over and over in her head. He looked right at me, not over me or through me. Right at me!

So what? another part of her asked, so he looked—what's a look?

The excitement waned as she realized what it was.

"Nothing," Lorna said quietly and she slowed down her pace.

She continued up another block as the sun began to disappear behind a large imposing building that made up Manhattan.

"Excuse me," a voice behind her said.

Lorna kept walking as she usually did, assuming the person was talking to someone else.

"Excuse me," the voice said again.

Lorna looked to her left and there he was, backing off his slow run now that he'd caught up to her. She stopped and tried to keep her eyes from going wide.

Had she dropped something? Was he Macy's security and thought she'd stolen something? That would be pretty embarrassing. Her hands itched and felt cold as she resisted the urge to turn and try to get away.

"I called you back there but you kept walking." He thumbed back toward the department store.

Lorna tried not to fidget, but she did anyway as people walked by on either side of them as New Yorkers typically did, like other people didn't exist.

Oh, my God! she thought warily. Fine and British? This couldn't be happening!

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-438-6
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 09/17/2009
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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