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Hot Steamy Shorts: Gay Erotic Fiction

Author(s): Neil Plakcy

A dozen sexy short stories about gay men falling in love and falling into bed. From Hawaii to Florida to spots around the world, Neil Plakcy takes you on a voyage of sexual exploration. These stories have all been previously published in anthologies or on websites, but this is the first time they appear together . Stories included are:  “Slamming the Poet,” “Paniolo,” “Island Getaway,” “The Honolulu Hula,” “The Prince of Eisengraf,” “Creeling the Bridegroom,” “Heat Lightning,” “The Seductive Gaze of Don Juan Miguel,” “Photo Booth,” “The Capital of Thailand,” “Marine Guard,” “The Jasmine Hero,” and “A Voice in the Dark.”

This titles is published by Neil Plakcy and distributed by Untreed Reads.


It was tough pulling away from Ricardo White, repositioning my throbbing hard-on in my pants and buttoning up my aloha shirt where it had somehow come open. But I managed. I put Ricardo’s roll-aboard suitcase in the truck bed, and we jammed into the front seat, Ricardo in the middle, one hand in my lap and one in Gunter’s, and it was a struggle to drive safely back to Waikiki.

Ricardo’s touch was light but sure as he stroked my dick and Gunter’s. While he did so, he recited a poem to us, what he called his ode to oral sex. I was afraid I’d come right there in my shorts, but he pulled off just in time. By the time I reached the driveway of the little house Gunter shared with a roommate I was starting to get a serious case of blue balls.

“I feel like a celebration,” Gunter said, opening the door to get out. “I’ve got a bottle of champagne in the fridge. But my roommate’s home tonight. I could grab the champagne and we could all go on to Kimo’s together.”

Knowing Gunter, I knew the invitation was for more than just champagne. He’d had his eye on Ricardo’s sexy ass from the moment we arrived at the slam. The question was, did I want to share?

Hell, Gunter was my best friend. And that’s what friends do, right? Share?

I said, “Fine by me.”

Ricardo White said, “Now that’s the aloha spirit I keep hearing about.”

While Gunter went inside, Ricardo and I played a little tonsil hockey. Man, the guy could kiss. I felt myself in serious danger of getting lost in his throat.

Gunter was back with the cold bottle a moment later, and Ricardo and I pulled apart. Fortunately, it was only a short drive to my apartment. Ricardo and I started making out in the living room while Gunter stepped over to my galley kitchen to open the champagne, and by the time he found and filled three glasses I was sitting on Ricardo’s lap with my legs around him, working on swallowing his tonsils. “Damn, I keep feeling like I’m interrupting you,” Gunter said.

Ricardo unbuttoned his shirt, and offered up one luscious caramel-colored tit to Gunter, who drizzled some champagne on it and began licking and sucking. I peeled Ricardo’s shirt off and did the same with his other tit, my hands working on opening his baggy black trousers. He wore white boxer briefs underneath, and there was already a wet spot by the mushroom-shaped cap of his dick. I drizzled more champagne on his dick and began sucking him through the white fabric.

Ricardo guzzled his glass of champagne and began deep-throating Gunter as I sucked his thick, coffee-colored dick. There aren’t that many black guys in Honolulu, so Ricardo was a novelty for me, and I was thoroughly enjoying the experience. It was fun to share it with Gunter, too. He was always a vocal and enthusiastic partner whenever we hooked up.

“You are one hot brother,” he said to Ricardo. He put his finger to his mouth, then touched Ricardo’s silky thigh and made hissing steam sounds.

I loved the taste of the champagne combined with the feel of Ricardo’s nipple in my mouth. I licked it and gently nibbled at it, and he arched his back in response. He began reciting a poem about nipple worship, in which the word “tits” rhymed with every other line. It wasn’t great poetry but it was sexy as hell.

“Let me see that sweet ass of yours,” Ricardo said, but when I looked up he was talking to Gunter, who quickly stripped. Ricardo slid down on the sofa, me still sucking his dick through his briefs, and Gunter positioned his naked ass above the poet’s face and proceeded to get his butthole slammed with a long, thick tongue.

I pulled down Ricardo’s white shorts, freeing his impressive trouser snake, purple-brown and stiff. The head glistened with precome and I was fascinated by how much darker it was than the rest of his skin. His balls were equally dark, small globes pulled up close to his dick. I wondered if they would loosen up if I sucked them.

I stripped off my aloha shirt, kicked off my deck shoes, and then dropped my shorts and boxers. My own dick sprang free, having gone through a half dozen cycles of hard and soft since the first moment I saw the visiting poet. My body was pretty hot then, toned by lots of exercise, and because my skin was smooth and the only places you’d find any hair was under my arms and around my crotch, the muscles stood out.

“Mmm, mmm, baby,” Ricardo said. “Come here and give me some of that.”

Gunter took my place at Ricardo’s dick, sheathing it in a condom, slathering some lube on it, and then lowering his skinny white ass onto it. I moved to the other end of the sofa and positioned my ass above the slam poet’s mouth, and got my own tongue-fucking.

Maybe it was all that reciting he did, but the man knew how to use his mouth. I felt his tongue licking and slurping and probing every corner of my butthole, and the experience made me shiver and shake and long to have that tongue replaced by his big juicy dick.

While he was going at me, I felt him spasming and realized that he’d shot a load up Gunter’s ass. “Damn,” I said. “I thought you were saving that for me.”

“Don’t worry, baby, there’s a lot more where that came from,” Ricardo said.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781311681874
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 01/11/2014
Publisher: Untreed Reads

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