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Justine's Auction

Author(s): Patrizia Murray

Sold! The Auctioneer’s Gavel brings together two strong willed people, but can happily ever after be Sold as well?

Ryan helps his cancer-stricken sister Leah to conquer her disease, but he can’t commit to Justine, because he fears for his sanity and their children if she or they get the disease. Figuring Justine and he have better chances with others who have no cancer history, he forgets the power of love to overcome history and fear.


A thin, pale young girl that Ryan could only describe as ‘wispy’, including her hair and body, introduced herself in a wheezy, heavily accented, little girl voice. “I am Danielle. I am only twenty-four, and I came here from Russia as a mail order bride. I won’t be having any more surgeries of any kind, because my cancer has metastasized through my whole body. I can’t thank my sisters in the Wunderbars enough, because they have given me the courage to face death with dignity. I am sorry, ladies, I need to put my sweater back on because I am so cold.”
Danielle continued once she had put her clothes back on. “My mail order husband left me as soon as he found out I had cancer. He even tried to send me back to Russia. He said I was a fraud and that I probably infected him with my cancer and he threw me out with no medical coverage and no money. With no medical, I kept working as long as I could, but with no money for treatments, my cancer was too far gone by the time I found a doctor to treat me with no charges.
“Without these women, I would be already dead out on the streets like a piece of garbage. My friends here have given me money, hope and courage. I love them all. I know they will stay with me and help me have the courage to face my death with dignity.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615722235
Genre: Erotic
Date Published:
Publisher: Eternal Press

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