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Personal Strangers

Author(s): Saloni Quniby

Book Summary Nate and Nick are on the verge of a mating ritual that will bind them to their werewolf lovers for life. But on the day of Nick and Redd's mating, a demonic curse takes full effect, wiping the brothers from their world as they know it.

They find themselves in a world where no one recognizes them, including their husbands. The child Nick saved is now a powerful enemy whose magic has been honed and directed by her evil father.

Together, Nate and Nick must combine their magic to save the wolves they love.



Praise for Personal Strangers

"...a marvelous as well as an exceedingly enjoyable saga."

-- 5 Nymphs from Chocolate Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews

"This third book in an engaging series was a fun read... drama, action, hot sex, lots of love and enough paranormal activity to keep the story engaging to the end."

-- Beverly, The Romance Studio
Personal Strangers
Saloni Quinby
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2012 Saloni Quinby

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Nick stepped out of the shower and reached for a towel. He dried off quickly, then tossed the towel in a nearby hamper. Staring at his reflection in the mirror, he ran a comb through his short blond hair. A smile tugged at his lips when he thought about recent events.

Winning the Olympic gold in figure skating was a dream come true, albeit one he'd worked hard for. Even more miraculous was knowing the man in the next room belonged to him.

Yet Redd was more than a man. Until two years ago Nick hadn't known werewolves existed. In the past he'd ignored a lot, but being chased by a demon and falling in love with a werewolf had forced him to face reality.

"Hey, babe, did you fall down the drain?" Redd called from the bedroom.

Nick grinned, placed the comb by the sink and stepped out of the bathroom. It felt so good to be home. After two years of hard training and competing, separated from Redd who had been on wilderness duty for his pack, he looked forward to enjoying life with his partner.

Yet this Cincinnati apartment wouldn't be home much longer, not that he'd ever spent much time here. Since his early teens he'd often traveled to train, compete and perform. Soon he and Redd would move into a place of their own. Just thinking about settling down with his lover gave Nick warm, fuzzy feelings he'd never imagined.

Redd made him happier than he'd ever dreamed possible.

"What do you mean did I fall down the drain?" Nick said, feigning annoyance. He stood in the doorway, his arms folded across his chest.

His heart skipped a beat at the sight of the six-foot ten-inch mountain of muscle sprawled naked on the bed. Biceps bulged in Redd's arms that were folded behind his head. His intense green eyes devoured Nick, the look in them making his cock twitch.

"You're thin enough to slide down the drain," Redd teased and crooked his finger. "Come here, beautiful."

"How am I supposed to resist a come-on like that?"

A crooked grin tugged at Redd's chiseled lips and he winked. "You're not supposed to resist it."

Nick approached and paused at the foot of the bed.

"Closer," Redd ordered.

Nick climbed onto the bed and crawled on top of Redd, who wrapped his arms around him and held him close, nuzzling his neck.

"I can't believe we're really together," Nick said, kissing Redd's shoulder. "And we won't have to part again."

"Not until death."

His words sent a strange but wonderful feeling through Nick, who said, "That sounds almost like a marriage proposal." Though they had planned a life together, neither had actually popped the question.

"It is." Redd's gaze locked on Nick's. "Too fast?"

Nick shook his head. "No."

"No it's not too fast or no you won't marry me?"

"Yes, I'll marry you."

"Thank you," Redd whispered and kissed Nick tenderly.

"I missed you so much these past two years, Redd. But do you know which two times were the worst?" Nick lifted his head to meet his lover's gaze.

Redd caressed Nick's face. "No."

"Bruce and Nate's wedding. It felt so weird with you not being there. Our family was there and yours, but you were missed."

Redd smiled faintly. "Thanks."

"I want to make sure everyone we love can be at our wedding," Nick said.

"Me too. What was the second time?"

Nick's brow furrowed in question, then he remembered. "The second time I missed you most was during my first program at the Olympics. I wanted you there so much. I mean, I know you had no choice about the wilderness duty. You were risking your life, being all heroic, and I was wishing you were with me. That's totally selfish, isn't it?"

"No." Redd's brow furrowed, and he brushed a stray lock of hair from Nick's forehead. "I wanted to be there. I'm just glad I made it in time to watch your last program and see you on the podium."

"I love you," Nick whispered against his lips.

"I love you too." Redd cupped the back of his head and kissed him. He gently guided Nick onto his stomach and nuzzled the back of his neck. "Now I want to show you how much."

"Sounds great to me." Nick smiled and closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation of Redd's tongue and lips moving down his spine.

Redd playfully nipped Nick's ass then caressed it. He stopped touching Nick briefly but when his hands returned to Nick's ass, they were coated with lube. Moaning softly, Nick spread his legs farther apart and pressed his cheek into the pillow while his gorgeous lover gently massaged his sphincter.

"The worst part of my wilderness duty was being away from you," Redd said. "I thought about you a lot, gorgeous."

"I thought about you too," Nick breathed, his heartbeat quickening. His stiff cock ached where it was trapped between his body and the mattress. Redd's tongue slid along the indentation of his ass, then he kissed the backs of his thighs down to his calves.

"I love touching you," Redd told him. He rolled Nick onto his back and stretched out beside him. His green gaze followed his own hand as he caressed Nick's sinewy chest, dusted with a few golden hairs. Then he curled his fist around Nick's cock and stroked it, intermittently brushing his thumb along the underside and over the head.

"Oh, Redd," Nick murmured, his eyes half closed. He wanted to shut them completely to focus on the sensations, yet he wanted to watch his lover stroke him.

Redd moved lower. He spread Nick's leg and slid his powerful arms beneath his thighs before engulfing his cock head. Redd sucked and licked. Unable to keep his eyes open any longer, Nick shut them and arched his neck. He clasped his lover's head, and his hips pumped in time with Redd's sucking.

Just when he hovered on the brink, Redd sat up. Kneeling between Nick's legs, he caressed his cock with one hand and his sphincter with his other. Slowly, he guided the tip of his cock to Nick. It pressed against the well-lubed ring of muscle.

"Oh, fuck, Redd," Nick panted, reaching back to clasp the headboard. "I want you so much. I need you to fuck me."

Redd half-groaned, half-growled. Clasping Nick's hips, he slid in deeper, moving slowly. He had a big cock but Nick was accustomed to it. He loved being fucked by Redd. More than anything he desired the closest connection possible to this gorgeous werewolf.

Redd leaned forward, bracing his hands on either side of Nick.

His heart racing, Nick opened his eyes and met his lover's beautiful green gaze. Normally Redd had calm eyes. Now they shone intensely. The dark pupils nearly filled his irises, and low growls rumbled in his chest. If he were in wolf form Nick knew he'd be howling.

Redd thrust faster and a bit harder now that Nick had relaxed.

"Yes. Oh, yes," Nick moaned. "I want it, Redd. I need it."

"Me too," Redd breathed. He bent and covered Nick's mouth in a deep kiss while at the same time reaching down to stroke his cock.

Nick cried out into Redd's mouth. His muscles tightened and his hips jerked as he came hard.

Seconds later, Redd growled and came, his big, hard body straining against Nick's.

* * *

Nick awoke before sunrise and sat up.

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