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Author(s): Angela Daniels

Mishon Lewis has always enjoyed having men fall at her designer shoe-clad feet. And none more so than her attractive but geeky college bud Ryan Anders. But now, Ryan has transformed himself into a hot womanizer by taking a How To Be A Player course. As he turns his newly acquired skills on her, she wonders if hes using her as his final exam. Well, if so, hes in for one helluva battle. Shell crack his newfound and oh so sexy confidence and have him panting for her once more.

Ryan has lusted after the sexy siren since they met. But watching her skim through, and reject, men other women would do anything to keep, had convinced him she was out of his league. That was before the course. With a re-imaging and new skills has come a confidence hes always wanted. And even better, the ability to go head to head with Mishon.

What neither of them realizes is that there is a third player in their game. Love.

Excerpt: He flashed a charming smile then hung his head. "Heather, Im crushed you think so poorly of the male gender." Then he looked up at her, hopeful. "How can I improve your opinion of us?"

The blonde glanced at Mishon a bit nervously. "Is he always like this?"

Mishon took another sip of wine and tried to appear casual. "Not really. This is something new." Ryan gave her a slow flirtatious smile. His blue eyes held a careless gleam.

"Happy you noticed, Mishon." His manicured hand was careful not to ruin the gelled spikes in his blonde hair as he swept a stray strand behind his ear. She wondered why the action didnt strike her as prissy. Quite the contrary, his new urban chic look made him seem worldly and sophisticated. And the new found confidence that came with it held a hint of danger. Sexy. Just the type of man she was attracted to. Just the type of man Ryan had never beenuntil now.

Mishon, used to him being completely enamored with her, wasnt about to let him know the tables had turned. She regarded him calmly as she addressed their waitress. "Ryan and I have been friends since college, and in ten years Ive never seen this side of him." She smirked at him. "Seems he has taken himself a course in attracting babes." And Im his final, she suddenly realized. The notion both angered and intrigued her. Going head to head with Ryan, the Player sounded like the kind of challenge she loved. Who could keep the upper hand and remain in control? But this wasnt the kind of game she usually played with friends. Not with people she was close to.

He retained his composure and casually sipped from his wine glass. He turned that flirtatious smile on the other woman. "Not in attracting women." He stressed the word women as if offended she had used the term babes. "In being attractive to women. Theres a difference."

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ISBN (Print): 978-1-77065-025-1
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-77065-017-6
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 01/07/2010
Publisher: Eternal Press

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