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Pyke's Peak

Author(s): Chris Owen

Pyke thinks he's found the perfect way to keep his two best friends around; buy a house they can all live in. The trick will be getting Laurel and Shea to move in. His buddy Shea gets with the program pretty fast, the famous Shea gut instinct telling him that it will be all right.

Laurel is not as convinced that she needs to move in, let alone start a deeper relationship with Shea and Pyke than she already has. The boys seem to be a package deal, and she's not sure they can all be happy together. As they work on the house together, though, Pyke hopes he can convince them all that their place is together, in the coolest house any of them have ever seen.


She took him in nice and deep and used her tongue a lot and, really, Pyke could have stayed there for a long, long time just getting a lovely Saturday blowjob. But then she looked up at him and sucked hard before letting him go. "I want to watch you go down on Shea sometime," she announced.

"Oh, fuck." Pyke reached and grabbed the base of his cock hard. "Don't say things like that without warning!" He looked down at her and tried to glare, but he didn't think he pulled it off very


She laughed and licked him again, right over his fingers. "You like the idea as much as I do. Do you think Shea will let it happen?"

Pyke shook his head, but only to clear it, not to say no. "I think he wouldn't be averse, approached properly."

"Properly?" Laurel sounded speculative as she pried Pyke's fingers away from his dick. "Like how?"

"Can we talk about this later? When I'm not quite so busy trying not to come?"

"Poor baby. A little turned on by the idea of me watching?"

Not just watching. Okay, watching was good. He'd like to do some watching of his own, too. "Oh, God." Images flashed through his mind as Laurel took him in again and started sucking him off, her head bobbing and turning. Her watching him and Shea. Him watching Shea with Laurel, both of them naked and moving on a couch or the bed.

The three of them, all together.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 1-60370-615-1
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 01/01/2009

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