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Santa Tease

Author(s): Belita Renn

Al wants Manda but she has always been in a relationship when he wasn't, so this time he had waited on her to end hers. He started his courtship at the Christmas party by giving her an anonymous gift, then he sent another to her home, and another, while he is visiting at every possible occasion. Also, he sent an unsigned letter asking her to wear his gifts on Christmas, panties, etc and nothing else.

When she discovers he is the mystery man will she even let him in the house so he can convince her they should be together?



A smile on her face she felt the hem of her skirt bumping against her buttocks as she moved.

"Umm you are looking good." A deep male timber that she recognized as belonging to Al spoke behind her. Twisting she glanced down the hall behind her. Dressed in red with white trim, his powdered black hair was his concession to the costume. His square smooth shaven jaw contained no beard to conceal his handsome continence.

"Al, great to see you. What are you doing in here?" Stopping she twisted to face him then hurried forward to give him a hug. Squeezing him around the waist she laid her head on his chest and gazed up at him and chuckled. "Sorry Santa I got a little carried away." His seductive aroma mingled with her breath and it touched the sensual part of her exciting her body. As usual the region around her heart clinched with longing. And as usual she couldn't have him. Clinging to her smile she gazed at him.

"It's all right by me, everyone loves me this time of year," playfully he responded, squeezing her gently to his chest with his hands flattened against her back. "What would you like Santa to bring you this year little girl."

A wide grin spreading her lips she raised up on tiptoes to whisper in his ear. "Hot delicious sex."

He chuckled. "I'll see what I can do." Releasing her, Manda turned and strolled down the hall at his side with his arm around her waist and hers holding onto his back.

"Look who I found," she called out to the room as they stepped through the doorway. Everyone exclaimed and rushed forward to greet Santa.

Manda slipped from his grasp and made her way through the crowd to the open area behind them. Sherry was holding a glass before her mouth and snickering. "You should have seen the look on Mark's face when you entered with Al in your arms.

"He wasn't in my arms. Where is Mark?" Scanning the crowd she searched for his sandy brown hair. Mark was her height and difficult to spot in the crowd.

"Over there greeting Al. I guess and old friendship is more important than a new girlfriend."

"Hey! What did I do to deserve that dig?" Confused she looked at Sherry wondering what was spurring her anger. The frolic taking place on the opposite side of the room was forgotten.

"Mark is a great guy, you shouldn't be hanging on other guys when you are dating him," she scolded. Lifting her glass to her lips Sherry didn't turn to face her.

"It was just a friendly hug." Smoothing her blouse, she could still feel Al's hand on her waist.

"Tell that to him, not me." Facing the crowd, although Sherry didn't look her way Manda sensed her friend' animosity.

"Sounds like I needed to justify myself to you too." Turning she walked to the table and poured herself a fresh glass of wine. They were using plastic glasses, so she used a magic marker to write her name on the side of the glass. Smoldering with righteous anger over being scolded for greeting Al like a friend, she leaned against the counter and drank her wine, while watching the other cheerful expressions in the room. Spotting Mark she took a health swig and then went to greet him.

"Hi." Manda pecked him on the cheek. "Merry Christmas."

He chuckled. "You are in a friendly mood, did you start drinking early."

"Just a little to relax me." Frowning she wondered if he was going to start lecturing her about drinking now. She wasn't a heavy drinker, but she did drink at social gatherings like tonight and he knew it.

"How do you like Al's get-up?"

Shifting her gaze she took her first good look at Santa. He wasn't wearing a beard, but he did have on the jolly hat with a white puffball on the end. His coat was a lightweight fiberfill material trimmed in white, but hanging open to reveal a red silk shirt beneath. His pants were made of soft gabardine and showed the bulge at his crotch. Quickly she shifted her gaze away. "Great costume. You think he had it made special."

"Sure, how else would he find something to fit so well?"

"True. Would you like to eat?" Should she explain why she had hugged Al to Mark? She decided against it. After all Al had been her friend for a long time, if Mark was curious about her relationship with Al he could ask.

They moved to the refreshment table and filled their plates with finger food, then moved to sit in chairs along the wall to eat. Groups had started dancing. Tommy was playing DJ, he had prepared the music to be up beat one song and slow the next as the professionals he knew.

After eating they danced, then started mingling with the others. By then Manda had time to get over being scolded and was having a good time. Mark stopped to talk to Al, and she moved on to speak to one of her co-workers that she had invited into their gang a few months ago. Sally had fit in perfectly as Manda had known she would. Now Sally was Tommy's favorite of his many girlfriends.

A hand touched her on the back. "Dance with me?"

Twisting she smiled up at Al. "What would Mrs. Claus say?"

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Genre: Romance
Date Published: 12/11/2008
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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