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Seduction By A Stranger

Author(s): Belita Renn

Flora is visiting the infamous lover Lord Varley with his nephew her boyfriend Henry. She is curious about this gentleman that has a reputation for being a wonderful lover especially as Henry has never kissed her. When her boyfriend slips into her room to make love to her turns out to be a stranger in the darkness she is certain it is Varley and is excited. However, in the morning she learns that Varley has male guests.



It was only a dream of love, one that she had all the time. She wanted that love struck at first glance feeling as Varley had made her feel, and with a man that was panting after her touch. Henry was a wonderful person, but he did not make her feel a rush of excitement, and it was obvious that he did not feel desire for her.

After sliding her feet beneath her counterpane, she blew out the candle and folded the cover over her body. She heard a movement as though someone were entering the room, Flora sat up.

"If your plan was to frighten me, you have failed." All she had to do was scream and a houseful of people would come. But she knew it would not be necessary with Henry. He had probably merely come to talk. Sweet, boring Henry. She shouldn't be thinking that. Henry wasn't really boring except when it came to sensual matters.

Had he been in the room watching her touch herself? "Were you watching me?" Had she gotten him excited?

"Umm." It was a brief sound but she believed it was meant to be an agreement.

"Okay, so you caught me touching myself and know I am aroused. Are you…" What do I have to lose? If he thinks me disgusting, it will not matter what I say. "Interested in taking over the task?" She held her breath for a long moment. She heard a slight sound but she could not tell if it was movement. "I hope you are not disappointed. It's just that sometimes a girl wants more than is allowed unwed ladies." A hand settled on her ankle concealed beneath the counterpane. The cover was moved away from her legs. The room was in darkness, so she couldn't see anything but a shadow when he moved in line with the red glowing coals in the hearth. "Not that I am complaining, I value our friendship and will not object if it remains the same. Are… are you excited by me?"

"Umm," the deep purr vibrated in his throat as the hand slid up her calf over her knee and up the inside of her thigh.

"Enough to risk being discovered? Enough to cast aside propriety?"

The sensation from the caressing touch was surprising. It made her want to know more, feel more of the wonderful sensations. Henry's touch had never made her feel this electric charge. Before, it had been impersonal. Now, it was very personal and it was exciting. Heart pounding with excitement, she waited for him to touch her pubic curls. Would he be that bold?

"Ummm." His touch was light as it glided up and across her thigh. Shivers raced through her body. She wanted more, but she did not wish to ask for it. She had offered him the opportunity to touch her breasts. Would he finally be willing to cast propriety aside? Why had he chosen now to attempt a seduction? Perhaps the fertility gods had affected his mind.

"Perhaps I should scream as it appears one of the statues has come alive and is about to…" she teased to relieve some of the tension she was feeling.

His hand stroked up the inside of her thigh causing her to gasp.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-453-9
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 10/15/2009
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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