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Sky High Seduction

Author(s): Parker Jones

Its impossible to think of sex in a passenger plane without also imagining the danger and embarrassment of being caught. If two people head for a lavatory, everyone notices, or at least it feels as if they do. Amy works as a flight attendant and sees it happen everday. Will she take a chance to make her fantasy come true when the pilot presents her with an opportunity?


Sky High Seduction
Parker Jones
Copyright 2010

Amy welcomed the pilots aboard the plane, helping them to stow their luggage over the seats in first class. She often worked with the same crew on the red eye trip across the ocean from New York to Scotland. It was a long trip and they got to be friends fast, flirting, laughing, and sometimes even venturing out after work hours for a drink or two, but no man ever crossed the line with her. Why did they have to remain so business-like? Were they afraid of sexual harassment in the workplace? Because she wouldnt mind a little sexual attention now and again. It had been two years since she last had a boyfriend, or sex for that matter.

She wasnt sure if it was the straight laced work uniform she wore, usually dress pants, nice heels, and a button up shirt that went halfway up her neck, but today she wore something a little more provocative to catch the captains attention.

Amy caught her captain stealing a peek again at her legs, shown off by the knee high miniskirt, over his shoulder and couldnt contain her smile. If he was taking a little enjoyment over her revealing a little more skin, who was she to hold it against him? She still got little butterflies in her stomach every time David so much as smiled at her. That dimple in his cheek, gave him a boyish charm that would rein any girl in. His steel blue eyes combined with his dark curly hair were an unusual combination.

It was the tingling feeling in her gut that made her think they were destined to be together, but there was only one problem with that theory. Amy wasnt sure she could trust destiny. Sometimes it didnt hurt to give it a little nudge now and again.

You know, I caught a couple sneaking into the bathroom last night? It was a running joke that the stewardesses had to keep a vigilant watch on the bathroom or no one would actually be able to use the bathroom to go potty.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781452330730
Genre: Erotic
Date Published:
Publisher: Hot Tropica Books

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