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Stake His Claim

Author(s): Lisa Perry

When an old flame reignites the passion within.

Jaclyn Kelly’s love life is as dormant as a mausoleum. Since failing to become pregnant, Jaclyn has endured years of her fiancé’s ridicule and infidelity. Fed up and ready to leave she stumbles into another dire predicament.

Old flame, Danny Cameron returns home from a decade of military service, he’s all grown up, looking better than ever and knows precisely what he wants.

His priorities include only one thing: Claiming Jaclyn as his own.




Before she could think about what he was about to do, he was already doing it. He stepped forward, his arms wrapped tightly around her waist as he pushed her back against the heavy metal of her vehicle.

The thunder above her was no match for the fire within her. Her ears thrummed along with her heartbeat. She could hear nothing but the pulse of blood flowing throughout her body.

Jaclyn kissed him back with an urgency she hadn’t recalled ever feeling before. He was confusing and intoxicating in one hot and delectable package of strength and man. He smelt of cologne, cinnamon and rain.

She hadn’t noticed the rain beginning to fall. It was a soft shower which was quickly turning into a torrent. It felt good, refreshing, if not suffocating.

When Danny pulled back slightly he growled, “Open the damn car, Jaclyn.”

She struggled for the right key, found the hole and inserted it, turned it swiftly and pulled her door open, Danny ran around to the passenger side and got in.

They slammed their doors closed and as Jaclyn had time to gather her senses she went to push the key into the ignition. “Want me to take you home?” She blurted not knowing what else to say at this point.

Danny used his hand on her chin to force her to face him. She held her breath thinking he would speak. He didn’t. He reached under his seat, pushed the chair back as far as it would go then he leaned forward, grabbed Jaclyn around the waist and pulled her forward. She sprang from her seat by his brute strength and landed on his lap. Almost kneeing him in the groin she quickly angled her body to avoid the collision.

The outcome had her sliding onto him, straddling him, her body conforming to his lap atop his parted legs, his thighs beneath her were corded muscle and felt incredible holding her weight. She squirmed closer, rubbed her crotch against his bulging denim and heard him moan, “Ahh, that’s it, Jaclyn.”

“I shouldn’t be doing this, Danny.”

“Oh, yes. You should.”

“I have to take you home, right now.”

“You have to take me to heaven, Jaclyn… right now.”

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Genre: Romance
Date Published: 04/08/2010
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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