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StarMyst: Prodigal Son

Author(s): Mary Winter

StarMyst 1: Prodigal Son by Mary Winter
genre: erotic paranormal romance
length: novel
cover art by Winterheart Design

Orphan. Sorcerer. Te Mulligan held many labels. With the impending death of his foster father he'll add one more-leader of StarMyst Conclave.

Ten years ago he left StarMyst after a night of passion with Jacy Duwards. He always loved her, always wanted her, but had taken something he felt he never had a right to. Still, memories of her haunt his days and his nights.

Jacy stayed by her foster father's side, nursing him through the long months of his battle with cancer. With his time near the end, Te's back. Ten years haven't changed anything except to heighten her desire for the man destined to take over the Conclave.

The Prodigal Son has returned, and he's ready to claim everything that's his-including the woman he loves.

Note: This is a revised version of a previously published book by the same title.


Te’s breath caught in his throat. Jacy leaned against the fence, a cowboy hat jauntily sitting on her head. Her long dark red hair fell in a ponytail nearly to her waist. He stepped forward, using his powers to conceal his approach. Of course, if Jacy were any sort of mage she would sense his presence. He moved slowly, taking in the length of her legs encased in formfitting denim. Her ankles were crossed. His gaze riveted to her heart-shaped ass and his mouth went dry. The lussor roared like a hungry beast, making his cock harden. His fingers itched to caress every curve on her body. Seeing her stripped away the years until he was a horny young man lusting after something he shouldn’t have. The bay horse in the arena snorted. Te stopped. He waited, but when she only reached into her pocket to feed the horse some treats, he moved forward again. The mare licked Jacy’s palm. He envied that horse. The memory of her earthy musk scent filled his nostrils, and suddenly, he stood close enough to smell it. The lussor reminded him of his neglected duties.

He tamped it down as he stopped behind Jacy. His palms burned to touch her, to see if her hair was still as silky as he remembered. Jacy scratched the mare underneath the chin, laughing as the horse snorted in her face. The musical notes of her laughter rolled over him like a tidal wave and broke the dam of his control.

Te laid his hands on her shoulders. He hadn’t meant to touch her. Didn’t even know his hands were moving until he felt the heat from her body rising into his palms. He curled his fingers around her muscles and began to knead. Jacy relaxed into his touch.

She had to know he stood behind her. Mages sensed the presence of another mage. Yet she said nothing as his hands slid down her arms, then up again. He rubbed the tender place at the base of her neck, his thumbs hitting the exact spot he knew she liked.

His cock jerked at her soft moan of approval, and the lussor demanded he take her now. His body clenched, balls drawn tight, wanting to be inside her slick heat once more. Leaning forward, Te smelled her. She smelled of dust, horses and pure woman. Te inhaled as if he might never smell the heady elixir ever again. The need to take her right there against the fence rode him. The lussor growled in satisfaction as Te slid his hands over her sides.

“Mmm,” Jacy said, leaning back into his touch. “That’s nice.” Strong fingers massaged her neck and shoulders, finding the tense places in her muscles. The figure behind her stood close, a bit too close, but sometimes Reid did that. The flash of power identified the man as a member of her Conclave, probably Reid wanting to apologize for his brother, the ass.

His hands slid over the edge of her breasts, making her nipples harden in anticipation. Worried about Edwin’s health and the bombshell he dropped on her, she leaned into the man massaging her back. She heard a swift inhalation, and for a moment wondered if it wasn’t someone else behind her. The body felt too solid, too hard to be her younger foster-brother. A frown worried her features.

The man nuzzled her, his lips caressing her neck. A groan rumbled from deep within his chest. He kissed the column of her neck until his tongue delved into the sensitive place behind her ear. Jacy gasped at the pulse of arousal deep within her. Hastily, she cleared her throat and tried to step away. “You’re getting a little friendly there, aren’t you, Reid?” She tried to convince herself it was only Reid, and not the man who filled her dreams.

Her words must have startled the man because he released her and stepped back. “Reid better not touch you like this.”


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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-0-9824885-0-8
Date Published:
Publisher: Jupiter Gardens

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