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Strange Days

Author(s): Alexis Martin

As William Douglas prepares for his first day of college he begins to get a strange feeling that he is becoming increasingly attracted to his father’s super model quality girlfriend, Kandace Tisdale. William's father, Arnold Douglas, is a business tycoon worth millions. For the past few years Arnold has been staying for extended business trips in Hong Kong, sometimes a month at a time leaving Kandace and William home alone.

Samantha Tisdale, Kandace's daughter is athletically inclined and already had two years under her belt at the college William would be attending. She had not seen William for two years due to her hectic cheerleading and gymnastics schedule. Sam remembered him as being sort of a dork when they met at college on the first day that changed. He turned into a very desirable man, one that deeply interested Samantha.

The sparks begin to ignite as the plot thickens in this curious love triangle. Which one will young William Douglas choose?



Hearing the distinctive sound of high heels hitting the wood steps of the stairs he set his controller down. Taking a peek out his door he saw her attempting to step quietly to her bedroom.

"You’re home early," he said making her jump as if a monster leapt from the shadows. She turned in one motion and he could see the redness around her light blue eyes.

"Will!" she shouted. "You startled me."

"What's wrong, Kandace? You have been crying," he observed, approaching her in the upper level hallway.

"Nothing," she lied while dabbing her streaked eyeliner with tissue. "What happened to your face?" she asked seeing Will's cut lip and swollen jaw. Her hand instinctively went up and her fingers delicately traced the wound. She frowned.

"Nothing," he chided back.

"Okay. So we both suck at lying. Anyway it needs ice to bring down the swelling and your lip may need a stitch or two."

She had him recline back in the wide leather sofa in the living room and she positioned an ice pack carefully along his jaw.

"Really, this is not necessary, Kandace. I am fine."

Like a concerned mother she held the cold pack in place while sitting next to him in a high back oak chair cushioned with a leafy gold pattern. He could not help but notice her skin-tight red dress showing every voluptuous curve of her smokin-hot body. Her open- toed six inch high heels did not help matters. His eyes froze on her dangling silver ankle bracelet and red painted toes that wiggled slightly.

"Will." She lifted his chin to meet her eyes. "Who punched you?"

"Tell me why you were crying first."

She fidgeted with a brushed silver bangle bracelet and drew back her yellow-blonde hair behind her hoop earrings. Her flawless features seemed to glow while she contorted her dark red lips. She looked to William like a twenty-something porn star just before a steamy sex scene and his flesh heated just watching her.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615725304
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 11/07/2011
Publisher: Eternal Press

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